Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

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How Editsoft Digital Pvt. Ltd. is the best digital marketing agency based in Noida (Delhi NCR) which provides digital marketing services

It is imperative for any good digital marketing agency to understand the basic concepts of traditional marketing of which digital marketing can be called as an offshoot or a contemporary transformation due to the changes in technology.

The core concepts are always sacrosanct and do not change with time. The word digital in simple terms means use of the internet to do things. So digital marketing would mean doing marketing with the use of the internet.

Basics of Marketing and How Digital Marketing Evolves from It

In its simplest form, the marketing model has a seller and a buyer who is need of the product or service that the seller is providing. In return for the product or service the buyer pays some money to the seller assuming we are not talking of the era of barter system.

As competition increased and there were more sellers and buyers, differentiation in products and services came in and every seller tried to sell more than the competition. This is where marketing started evolving with better communication to the buyers, getting feedback from the buyers, and so on.

Without going into the history of several thousand years of marketing, lets fast forward to the time when the world is connected by the internet. Using the internet for marketing activities came to be recognized as digital marketing. Editsoft Digital Pvt Ltd. is a one stop digital marketing agency based in Noida (Delhi NCR)

Communication – the essence of any Digital Marketing Service

As we understood from the basic marketing model, the key to marketing activities is communication. How the seller communicates about their product or service to the potential buyers and how feedback from those buyers is collected for further improvement.

We all understand how the internet has revolutionized communication. The postal mail or what is now called the snail mail is almost archived in history. The email is a fast and advanced methodology enabled by the internet which ensures almost instant communication with additional features of storage, classification and recall. Similarly telephonic conversations have evolved into calls over the internet which can include a video streaming as well. More importantly the cost is mostly about the data usage of the internet and hence a fraction of what it used to be in the times of basic telephony.

The best digital marketing agency will build your strategy for communication with potential clients or customers in a manner that it is comprehensive, easy to understand, attractive, aesthetic with sufficient repetition to engage. In simple terms branding in traditional marketing done through newspapers, television, radio, hoardings, pamphlets, when done using the internet becomes a digital marketing service. The popular mediums using the internet are social media like facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, linkedin and so on. Whatsapp is another medium which uses the internet. There are various variants here too like snapchat, telegram, etc. Email marketing is another digital marketing service. Then there are blogs, niche websites, online news sites, live streaming. In short, the internet today is an inherent part of our daily life and almost as important a life support system as basic electricity.

Digital Marketing Services Help Micromanage A Customer Base

Every communication has a cost. The world population is in billions now and the internet has removed any geographical boundaries. When you put up a hoarding, the same can be viewed by all the people who pass immaterial of whether they can be potential customers of not. Similarly when you put an advertisement in the newspaper, every subscriber gets to see the advertisement immaterial of whether the service even exists in that region or whether they are potential customers. Imagine the amount of wastage.

To take an analogy, if you keep feeding a cow meat or a tiger vegetables, it is all going to be a waste. The best digital marketing agency will use understanding of traditional marketing methods to identify the right target audience which are dependent on several factors like age, gender, income group, lifestyle, and so on. Using the internet the best digital marketing agency can then focus on the most likely customer and ensure communication is only sent to that customer or set of customers. This is one of the most important and biggest changes that digital marketing services provide over traditional marketing methods and medium

Digital Marketing Services Helps in Being Found

While traditional marketing is based on finding customers, digital marketing adds on a completely new dimension which can be called “Being Found”. The internet has so much data and material being added every second that it is impossible to keep track of it. Therefore, the need of a search engine which helps find relevant material. Google holds almost a monopoly in the world on this.

Every business now has a website where all their products and services are displayed. In fact, customers now type generic words in a Google search and whatever results google displays on the top is invariably where most of the customer traffic flows.

Search engine optimization (SEO), is a terminology that is only part of digital marketing. As explained earlier the concept of being found has been provided by digital marketing services. Being ranked high up in google search of different key words used by potential customers helps in “Being Found”.

Google also monetizes this service through paid advertisements popularly known as “Pay per click (PPC)” or Google adwords. Businesses can pay google directly for provided the data of customers searching on those keywords that the business entity finds most suitable. This is an open auction methodology and a complete science in itself. The cost of lead can vary across keywords, hence choosing the right keywords helps in managing the lead costs. It is actually a much broader service requiring a professional digital marketing agency or a digital marketing expert to handle. It involves designing campaigns, defining the keywords, the negative keywords (to further limit the audience to a more specific target), the geography and so on.

Editsoft Digital Pvt. Ltd. is recommended by our existing clients who consider it the best digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR providing seo services as well as PPC services. Editsoft Digital Pvt. Ltd. is a certified Google partner. For more details on search engine optimization (SEO), PPC and the strategy adopted by the digital marketing agency for both these services to move in tandem, read the article on search engine optimization (SEO).


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Anushree Bose is an SEO Executive at Editsoft Digital. She is learning Digital Marketing for the past 2 years. She is passionate about SEO and has a special interest in on-page SEO. Her interest lies in content writing and languages. An avid learner who is currently learning the nuances of on-page SEO.

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Anushree Bose

Anushree Bose is an SEO Executive at Editsoft Digital. She is learning Digital Marketing for the past 2 years. She is passionate about SEO and has a special interest in on-page SEO. Her interest lies in content writing and languages. An avid learner who is currently learning the nuances of on-page SEO.

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