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Understanding Social Media Management vs Social Media Marketing

At the outset, let us establish some clear definitions because of the prevailing confusion around what is the difference, if any, between social media management and social media marketing. Many times we have seen both the terms being used interchangeably creating doubts whether there is a clarity on their understanding.

As the most recommended digital marketing services agency in Noida (Delhi – NCR), given the practical experience that we have, we first try that any potential client understands exactly what the terminology means. A clear understanding is the foundation of setting the right expectations which any potential client has from the best digital marketing services company.

If you google this topic, one answer that comes is that social media management is about usage and handling of social media accounts while social media marketing is about using those accounts for lead generation for business. In practice for any potential client of a digital marketing agency, their expectation involves a greater spectrum of marketing activities and not just leads generation. You may go through the article on traditional marketing vs digital marketing to get more insights on basic marketing concepts which are sacrosanct.

From a practical perspective, therefore, we take marketing in a broad spectrum to include sales as its subset and similarly social media management to be a broader spectrum which includes social media marketing as its subset. Use and handling of social media is the digital way of branding i.e. what we understand as branding in traditional marketing is largely governed by social media management in digital marketing services.

Marketing has a pull strategy and a push strategy. Pull implies creating customer demand at the point of sale which in simple terms is called brand building. Sales comes under the push strategy where customers are made to buy by reaching out to them which in simple terms is lead generation followed by the sales process.

In totality is what marketing is about. Similarly a good digital marketing services agency should recognize that providing a complete marketing solution is what the prospective client of a digital marketing services company is looking for.

Therefore, logically a one stop solution provided by a comprehensive digital marketing agency implies that they provide a social media management service which includes social media marketing service. It is up to the client to choose which part of the services they want to spend more on depending on the strategy for the product or service.

Digital Branding

Branding is part of the pull strategy of marketing. Branding is about occupying mind space or getting top of the mind recall. Bombarding a brand to potential users as we see happening a lot nowadays is not necessarily helping in building the brand, unlike what most people think. Branding is about positive reinforcement and multiple impressions are going to be useful only when the impression is positive.

So, the first step is to have positive impression by building the right content across the spectrum of digital media and platforms. The most commonly used social media platforms are facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, quora, and so on. Each has a different genre and understanding each of them is therefore imperative for any good digital marketing agency.

Once the content is ready, how frequently it is viewed and read and how vast its reach is will be the next parameters towards building a brand through the digital mediums and platforms.

Digital Lead Generation 

Digital lead generation is part of the push strategy of marketing. Both pull and push strategy must move in tandem to get the desired results. A good push strategy can generate a good demand. When this is coupled with a good push strategy the conversion rate of the demand generated goes up. Hence, the best digital marketing service agencies will recommend an appropriate pull and push strategy and help their clients not only in understanding this with respect to their products or services but also to allocate resources optimally to maximize sales.

Facebook is the leading platform for lead generation activity and it provides paid products for the same. Whereas google almost monopolizes the search engine part in the world today, facebook which has also acquired instagram and whatsapp has the largest market share worldwide is the social media space. The advantage that a social media platform has that it was created for social interaction between people across the world without any geographical boundaries. By virtue of this very purpose, the amount of personal information that people share over the social media is immense. This is not just through text but also pictorially.

As a facebook user, you would have experienced this. Facebook shows you birthdays, anniversaries, etc. of everyone in your friends list. It throws up photo albums from the photos you yourself have shared over time on facebook. Understanding this, it is evident that for any business entity looking for potential customers or clients, facebook can help target specific persons across the globe on various parameters. At fractional costs of traditional marketing methods the reach can be achieved far more easily through social media.

Linkedin is another social media platform which has gained a lot of prominence over time. While facebook is casual and that is how it is designed to be, Linkedin positioned itself as a more serious and professional network platform. It is used widely today even for recruitment purposes. Those who are on linkedin are likely to be part of professional groups and the conversation too on this platform is of a more professional and serious nature. Experience has shown that for products or services which find a better fit and target audience on the linkedin platform, the leads generated have a better conversion rate. So, while per lead costs can be higher than that of facebook, the cost per converted lead may actually turn out lower on Linkedin.


Editsoft Digital Pvt. Ltd. the most recommended and best digital marketing services agency in Noida (Delhi NCR) treats social media management in a broader spectrum including social media marketing. Branding, the pull strategy of marketing is achieved by usage and handling of content on social media platforms while lead generation, the push strategy of marketing is achieved by using social media platforms optimally to generate quality leads with a higher conversion rate.

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Anushree Bose is an SEO Executive at Editsoft Digital. She is learning Digital Marketing for the past 2 years. She is passionate about SEO and has a special interest in on-page SEO. Her interest lies in content writing and languages. An avid learner who is currently learning the nuances of on-page SEO.

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Anushree Bose

Anushree Bose is an SEO Executive at Editsoft Digital. She is learning Digital Marketing for the past 2 years. She is passionate about SEO and has a special interest in on-page SEO. Her interest lies in content writing and languages. An avid learner who is currently learning the nuances of on-page SEO.

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