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Quora Answering is the source through which one can easily spill out the inner talent of oneself. As there are many individuals who are good in their writing skills, hence they don’t get a proper medium to show their talent. So, Quora gives opportunities to those individuals. Quora is a very good platform for the individuals who like writing answers.

It has been almost a month that I have been answering on Quora and personally my experience till date is very satisfactory. I would like to inform you that answering in Quora is not a difficult task and all are free to participate in it. Quora has a little requirement that the participating individual should have a valid email address as well as a password. In Quora, one can select questions according to his/her convenience and can answer it in his way that according to him/her what possible circumstances can be taken. As answering the questions, one has to be very careful that the answer that answer should be in a fresh copy…i.e., the text should not be copied from any of the sites and should be in the originated form. In fact, one advantage of answering in Quora is that it provides individuals to attach their links (if any) or websites.  Therefore, after completing the answer one has to post it in his/her individual profile so that it would be viewable to others.

Quora has also provided that the author can see his/her answer response from the other users because it provides an option to the viewers to allow post comments and if one like the answer, he/she can upvote the answer. More the upvotes more the number of viewers will be able to see.

Quora answering is the best medium for beginners because one can get many ideas about the particular topic that he is looking for. It allows one to explore many information and knowledge about many new innovated things. There are many rules and regulations to write and submit an answer on Quora. Before writing an answer one should be aware about the guidelines of this site. Quora in fact deals with all the updated answers and no false result can be inserted in it.

Last but not the least Quora gives a good platform the beginners as well as youngsters so they can be little aware about the strong and weak points of themselves.

Quora Answering- How can one appeal for his answer!

As before I already discussed about the brief introduction to Quora Answering, today I’ll be informing you about a significant part of it which might interest you. As we all know that Quora is a medium through which anyone can share his/her solutions according to his/her priority. So today I’ll be telling you that how one can one appeal his answer if Quora bans your answer.

As we know that when we submit an answer, our answer is not directly visible to anyone, firstly the Quora moderation checks your answer that if the answer is written with all the guidelines and it has been verified that the author didn’t break any type of rule or regulations. After the verification is done and if the Quora moderation approved the answer then only the answer will be visible to everyone. But if there is a problem with the answer then Quora moderation has the right to delete your answer due to some rules that the author has broken while writing an answer. Then they will also inform you with the notification that the answer has some problems so we are deleting it. After the answer has been deleted there are many individuals who think they can’t regain it back. So today I will be informing you about the answer that how you can regain it back.

While creating account one should read all the guidelines because then only you can know that what I have to write and what not to write. So if your answer is banned and deleted then when you will received the notification after the deletion so firstly you open the notification, then your answer will be visible in the screen and down at the bottom there you will be seeing an option for appeal. That appeal is little transparent in colour so you need to check out carefully. After you select the appeal option then the Quora moderation will send you an agreement about what you want to appeal. There you can accept the agreement then inside the agreement only one more box will be available, i.e., for reasoning-it means that why you want to appeal. So you can give your answer that you have read the rules and didn’t break any rules and except that you can also add some more comments. After you submit the agreement, the quora moderation will review your appeal and check and if they find an error than they will notify you. If they found that your answer is good they will notify you the answer is reposted for viewing to others. This is how you can get your answer appealed.

Advantages of Answering in Quora

Quora as I said before helps in conveying suggestions to the users. Today I’ll be mentioning about some of the benefits that a user can get if he or she is answering in Quora. Hence, it helps to improve the person’s skills and it might include learning, writing and understanding. Besides this the user can get knowledge regarding how to present an answer in a formal manner so that the viewers can be get the solution they are looking for. Then it becomes easy for the individual to suggest and share his opinion that he/she thinks.

Because Quora provides the medium that what an individual wants, he/she can perform well. You must have heard and seen that there are certain individuals who always provide free advices, eg. That if I was in his place I would have done it like this- so to convert from his place you can actually do it by sharing your thoughts as because we all know that Quora is not a small company now, it has become so popular that it has the power to change the world.

Coming to digital things, nowadays companies related to digital are using Quora as their marketing platform. As many users visit the site, it becomes an advantage for the companies. Here I would like to mention that Quora also provides option to paste a link and not single but multiple-but only if the link is related to the question and the answer that the individual has written. Companies usually paste their websites link to ensure that people come to their site to find more answer to their problem. Last but not the least Quora has more advantages as one can get many opportunities if he takes proper interest in it.

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