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  • January 8, 2016
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In our previous guide, we’ve discussed “How to write SEO friendly blog post”, now let’s move ahead to discuss another parameter that helps in getting high SERPs. Before proceeding to understand various link building strategies that one should opt for the growth of their business, it’s imperative to have a brief of “how link building came into existence”.  Back in the days, keyword relevancy in a title & meta-description were enough to get high SERPs. With Google panda update in 2009, the whole game has changed & Google has started giving importance to websites with more links pointing toward it.

Again in 2011, Google has brought some changes in its algorithm & penalized those sites which followed unethical ways to get links. Nowadays, Great content along with natural link building tactics is one sure way to get a sustainable high ranking in search engines.


6 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks To Your Site

Let’s get started and understand “What actually link building is?” Link building is a process to get links point towards your site. Great content will surely attract links but it’s crucial to follow the right approach to generate links to your site. Here I’ve shared few Link building strategies that you must follow to let Google notice your website.

1. What Not to Do

Step one is to understand What not to do. Remember, Google is like a referee which will punish you for breaching its guidelines. With continuous updates in Google’s algorithm, the chances of getting penalized have increased. Once hit by a Google may result in gradual decrease in traffic, drop in sales and then there might be no bouncing back.  So, avoid following practices at all cost.

  • Avoid Site Wide links
  • Back links from irrelevant niche sites
  • Paid Links
  • Linking to Spam Site
  • Links in Footer
  • Overuse of Anchor Text

Now you know what not to do so let’s proceed and understand the things that you can follow right now to maintain a natural link building profile which will surely result in high ranking and increased organic traffic.

Looking for Do’s & Don’ts ?


2. Focus On Quality

Nowadays, link building is a skill to get quality links from high authority sites, quality sites, and relevant sites. The most common mistake that every beginner does is that they think of quantity rather than quality of backlinks. Building tons of links on irrelevant and low PR sites ain’t gonna add much link juice. Instead of making 100 back links on PR 0 or 1 sites, make 10-15 links on PR 4 or above sites. When we talk about a long term business plan, it’s necessary to focus more on the quality rather than quantity. Quantity may provide you fast result, but that also increase chances of getting banned from Google. If you are here to play a long inning then go for a quality approach.

3. Backlinks From Same Niche

Find blogs of your niche or relevant. Goggle likes backlinks from same niche, this practice will surely yield good results. Instead of making hundreds of link on irrelevant blog sites, start getting backlinks from the same niche blogs or blogs which have relevant content as yours. Spend some time to make a list of blogs having a same niche as yours. Contact them to exchange links, make sure to keep it natural.

Now the question is How would you find those blogs? We’ll use Google for this purpose. Let’s say we want to search “Best Health blogs”.

best health blog


Assume you’ve made a healthy list of same niche blogs then how would you decide whether it’s a right blog to comment on. A blog with following characteristics is worth commenting.

  • Blog should have a good authority.
  • Should have a good content.
  • Keyword Luv enabled.
  • Comment Luv enabled.
  • Good Page Rank
  • If a blog gives DO follow link then its great. If not, then also comment on it as it still holds value.

4. Spy on Your Competitors

Let me put this straight away that this is the most important and fun part to do. Want to kick out your competition by getting high ranking in search engines? then keeping track of your competitors SEO is indispensable. If you are ready to spend few bucks then there are various tools available online that would be worth using. I personally would recommend you to go for “Ahrefs” which gives in depth analysis of link building. Export your competitors backlink report and try to get links from where they got. However, don’t rely completely on this, if you want to overtake your competition then you must leverage those techniques that they are not using. This technique will surely help you in getting improvement in ranking.

If you have a list of competitors then start searching on Ahrefs. This is how Ahrefs looks,

5. Outreach

When you have your content ready, it’s time to reach out to people relevant to you niche by writing emails or any other way. The motive behind doing this is to reach correct people, building relations so that they would link to your page. Now the question is “How to find correct people”? Let’s find out that.

For instance Let’s say you are working on a “Health Blog”. Spend some time to make a healthy list of your competitors working on Health & Fitness related blogs and then Export their backlink report using Ahref. Now you have a list of URL’s that links to your competition. Finally, visit each URL that links to your competitor’s page and send them an email asking to link to your page. If your content is worth connecting, then people will connect to you easily. This practice is not easy, as it requires hours of work and sometimes people may connect or sometimes not.

6. Forum & Group Posting

Good quality posts on relevant forums & groups will get you hundreds of links. Do not Spam or write duplicate content. Back in the days this technique was valuable tool for SEO, now many webmasters think that Google doesn’t give much value to the links in forums & groups. However, it should not to be ignored. If used in a correct way, this technique can result in,

  • Diversity in link profile
  • Increase in traffic

What you need to do is “Join a forum or group related to your niche or business”. Ask questions, solve other people queries. Once you gained the trust of the members then you can begin adding links inside the forum. Make sure to add only relevant links, as irrelevant links may be removed by an administrator.

For instance let’s say you are working on a Fitness niche and someone in forum have asked “Best Home Exercise to stay fit” then you could answer them by linking to your website.


Link building isn’t going to fade away any time sooner, it is still a vital part of SEO and always will be. Nowadays, link building revolves around Great content and then reach out to people with access of high authority sites to visit it. For a sustainable ranking in Google and other search engines the one thing that you need to do right now is “Fire the Black hat Techniques right away and follow Ethical ways to get quality Backlinks”.

Use the above mentioned strategy smartly to get ahead of your competition. If you have any other point to make then do share with us.

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Ankit is the Co-founder and CEO of Editsoft Digital. He is into Digital Marketing for past 5 years. His core areas of interests are PPC management, Email Marketing, Effective Landing pages and Search Engine optimisation. Loves helping people.

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Ankit Sharma

Ankit is the Co-founder and CEO of Editsoft Digital. He is into Digital Marketing for past 5 years. His core areas of interests are PPC management, Email Marketing, Effective Landing pages and Search Engine optimisation. Loves helping people.

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