Detailed Review of Leadpages – Pros, Cons and Honest Feedback

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Do creating landing Pages frustrate you?

Well, I have an interesting experience to share with you related to How LeadPages have changed my thought about business execution.

It all started in Nov 2015, when one of my friends shared his story on how he increased the conversions of sales by capturing the quality leads. He started his business in March 2015, and things were going at a constant rate. According to him, he increased his sale by 63% in 1.5 months tenure. Which is a pretty Huge % according to me in this small period.

leadI was like Really?

Everyone was talking about how great the services are! How it changed their Business?

As I have already used many of the Lead Generation Applications previously and I wasn’t disappointed by their services but I never had a WoW factor ie a huge change in my business. I just wanted a tool that can increase my email signups and make converting landing pages an easy task. So, I signed up just to find out the bugs in the Lead Pages that my friends might have missed.

In this review, I will share my honest experience on How I get started and is it really beneficial for you?

So let’s get started.

What is LeadPages?

Lead Pages is a lead generation platform designed to increase the mobile and web conversions by offering the leads unique product in return. It’s a simple drag and drop tool avoiding the messiness. Lead pages can be used to :

  1.  Create a Landing Page for your business, either its bookstore, course promotion and other products.
  2.  Set up Email forms list that helps you grow your lead list faster.
  3.  In return Attractive Offers that help your website visitor to convert into leads or customers.

The USP of Lead Pages is it’s ‘ease of use’. The drag and drop feature make it easy to create a landing page within mins. It might have taken 10 * time traditionally creating a landing page. The designing portion is easy to understand, simple drag and drop off all contents make it work really quick. Best part is, you don’t need any code to do this.

You can easily pick a template which suits your niche from the template library . The template library will suggest you the best templates according to other marketers reviews. So it will be easy for you to choose accordingly.

Lead Pages integrates with email service providers like MailChimp, Zoho Mail, AWeber, Convert Kit etc. It can simply connect with WordPress site via a plugin, it provides formatted Html code that you can copy-paste at the backend of your website.

LeadPages is also referred as Internet’s Easiest ‘Next Generation’ Lead Generation Platform .

Creator of LeadPages : Clay Collins and his team.

Pricing: Their pricing plan lies between $25 -$199 with categorization as Standard plan for home business and Solopreneurs , Pro Plan for small business and professional marketers and Advanced plan for Marketing team & Agency.

Monthly: Standard : $37
Pro : $79

Yearly: Standard : $25
Pro : $49
Advanced : $199

2 yearly: Standard : $17
Pro : $42
Advanced : $159

Annual & Bi-Annual Plans will help you save 38 %

For my Business, I choose the annual plan instead of monthly plan as it helped me save 38 %. Moreover it was a good deal if I choose to continue as it offered 30- day money back guarantee. 

LeadPages Features

Here I am listing down some important features of Leadpages to make you understand well.

  1. Library of landing page designs which are sorted according to their performance which is actually a huge achievement.
  2. It’s really easy to transform your idea into a landing page in less than 5 mins.
  3. The landing page designs are highly responsive and mobile friendly.
  4. It is easy to track and analyze the site.
  5. You can add an unlimited number of site.
  6. Lead Digits feature to capture the email address of the user with simple text exchange.
  7. Onclick triggered forms.
  8. AB testing of the landing pages before final launch.
  9. Through Lead Pages you can publish your opt-in forms on facebook.
  10. Easy to integrate with WordPress through LeadPages Plugin.
  11. The beat feature of lead pages is that it takes care of all the promises and offer you made for your audience to subscribe to your list.

Pros :

  1. You have ready made high converting landing pages of all types. Just choose and Go ahead. It’s that simple.
  2. You don’t need to have any code skills to work with Lead page.
  3. The landing pages and form templates are sorted according to their conversion rates. You can choose and work with only the best converting templates.
  4. It integrates with most of the email service providers.
  5. It have very impressive features when it comes to creating landing pages. Specially when you want to test different things or when you manage more than one sites.
  6. You will learn a lot about email Marketing while working with the Leadpages.

Cons :

  1. LeadPages is quite expensive as comparison with other products
  2. While it works best with optin features on landing pages templates, it not works well with individual optin forms.

How to Create a Landing page with LeadPages?

What’s special with lead pages is that it enables you to create good looking and high conversion landing Pages. You don’t require design and coding skills to create a landing page, because with lead pages you start with pre-tested and high converting templates.

The editor board is easy to use and you can make simple edits in the elements of the template. In the preexisting template section it gives you an option to sort the templates as recent and high converting templates. The sorting is done on basis of conversion reviews by template users.


You can customize each elements according to your niche like changing logo, text etc. The only drawback is that you can’t move, edit or delete any element from the pre-designed templates. All the elements are pre-decided so it’s is quick for the user to launch a new landing page with LeadPages within 10 mins.

LeadPages Templates

What made lead pages different from other is their good collection of templates to pick from. And the number of templates are expanding every month. Basically, you find templates for all the situation you can think of including:

  1. Thank You Pages
  2. Webinar Pages
  3. Upsell Pages
  4. Launch Pages
  5. 404 Pages

Also, they have a category of more specialized pages for creating Content Pages, Podcasts, FB Landing Pages, About me Pages. etc

Most of the templates are free templates (I use these free templates, works best for me) but also LeadPages has a category of Paid Templates costing in between $7 to $29. You can purchase the template to use according to your purpose. In LeadPages, you will find all beautifully designed templates and even high conversion proven landing pages used by experts like Pat Flynn, Jeff Walker etc

So, leadPages also gives an opportunity to template designers to sell their template on leadPages. If you have some designing skills you can earn some cash-out.

30 Days Money back Offer for Leadpages 


Lead Boxes is what I like the most about LeadPages. The perfectly designed and attractive popup boxes on your website where you can put some offer or product offer to capture the lead. I would say LeadBoxes is the easiest and a trending way to capture the lead.

LeadPages pop-up boxes can be used for multiple options. Any kind of situation like when the visitor is about to leave the website or a pop after a certain amount of time or page views by the visitor you can just add a popup suiting the most according to the visitor actions on your website.

It basically allow the subscribers to join your list, sublists or subscribe to your webinar session with a single click. This also create a good impression on the website user. This doesn’t meant you fill the website with LeadPages everywhere. Haha.

Let’s get started with how to create LeadBoxes. Well! the best part is they provide easy step tutorials with Why & How to use LeadBoxes.


When you will click on create a new LeadBox.This is how the editor will look up like


You can customize each section according to your creativity. It is preferable to turn on the send an email after someone Opt-in on this lead box. You can customize the lead boxes with the options like Integration settings, change the header image, Header text, form Image, Heading Style, Form Style and Submit Button.

It provides you an option to choose which kind of LeadBox you wish to add on site. 3 types of LeadBoxes are Standard LeadBox, Popup Lead Box, Exit Leadbox. Similarly, you can choose the Link type: Plain Text Link, Button, Image.

The demonstration of small commitments had proven to improve the conversion which is why we start seeing it all over the place.

Customizing LeadBox is very similar to that of Landing Pages. The only drawback is that it doesn’t provide multiple LeadBox design option as Landing Pages. There is only one design box which you can customize according to the offers you are providing. This is the reason why most of the LeadPages looks very similar.

Content Upgrades is where leadBoxes play their role. When combined with LeadPages, Leadmagnet automatic delivery mechanism is perfect for creating your content upgrades fast.

Integrating LeadPages & Third Party

LeadPage provides you few option to integrate the LeadBox with your site.

If your site is on WordPress, you can install LeadPages connector Plugin . The plugin will provide you access to the lead pages and lead boxes on your LeadPages account within the WordPress dashboard. With this, you can set your landing pages as your subdomain or landing page as your home page. The lead box plugin can link up any lead box you have created. Then you can just set the time in a timed pop-up or choose the exit lead box.

In case you are a NonWordpress user, you can also integrate your site with the LeadPages. If you have a plain HTML website, you can copy paste the HTML code generated after publishing the lead box and add the code segment in your website HTML Code.

And the good is that you can always host your landing page on LeadPages Server. Although the backdrop of this is that you will be using leadPages URL instead of your own subdomain. Alas! the choice is always yours.

To collect the generated leads you will of-course need a mail service provider to store your leads. LeadPages support all major mail service provider like Mail Chimp, ConvertKit, A Weber, and GetResponse.

Lead Digits

Lead digits is a special feature of LeadPages through which you can collect all emails via text messages.

Let’s say if you are out at some social gathering and meeting your potential customers. It’s inconvenient to chat with a person and ask them to check your website and drop their email into an optin form. Instead of this you can just share your Lead Digit and they will immediately receive a text back asking them to join your list.

It’s just an alternate way to ask the audience to join your list. But Yes its pretty simple and easy to map the lead. Its not only effective in offline medium, you can easily embed your Lead Digits numbers in your Youtube videos or even white papers.

You can access your emailers from absolutely anywhere.

How Lead Digits Work:

Let’s say you have a restaurant and you are doing some traditional form of marketing like banner or flyers outside your store and t other places. You can add your LeadDigit No. with a specific keyword. For Ex

Text the word FreeCoffee at 3344626 . The lead will text this keyword on the LeadDigit and will immediately receive a repy back asking to send their email Id. This email will automatically be added to your emailer list.

There are several applications of Lead Digits like:

  1. Stores
  2. Events
  3. Gyms
  4. Restaurants
  5. Billboards
  6. Podcasts
  7. Meetings
  8. Real Estate
  9. You tube videos and many more

Lead Digits  are not only super effective to capture the Lead but also easiest to setup.



Creating LeadDigits is a simple 4 steps process. You just need to enter your country and select a lead digit number from the choices available. What’s unique is your Text or a specific keyword which people will text you. You can customize the message though it must ask for the email of the user.


The good part here is that it provides several options for actions to be taken when someone opt in. You can ask lead digit to send you a notification when someone opt in or add the customer email to your mailing list or can transfer the lead to GoToWebinar Event or Deliver Lead Magnet to customer’s email. You can select the email, integration email service provider, and email list accordingly.

It’s that’s simple to create a leadDigit and its a very effective form to catch a lead in spite of being offline. The customer don’t need to have an internet connection etc to register for the Offer you are providing. Just an SMS away resided your lead.


Affiliate program

LeadPages Affiliate program is one of the Best Affiliate Programs out there. It pay back 30% commissions on all the sales you make. Affiliate Marketer Pat Flynn make $7k+ a month promoting lead pages. The good part is that it’s very easy to sell this product as there are several examples of people using LeadPages. LeadPages is backed by $38 million in VC funding. So it’s for sure leadPages is around for a while and its affiliate program is a good option to opt in.


Comparison of LeadPages with Other Products

As I mentioned in the starting that there are several other similar products in this landpage and popup email optin space.

LeadPages Vs Optimizepress

LeadPages and Optimizepress are both landing page builder with a few similar and few unique features. Both of them are good at their usage and many people are benefitting from using both the tools.

Price: LeadPages cost for $25 per month while Optimizepress costs around $97 for 3 sites. Optimizepress is cheaper than leadPages as its a complete software in $97 while LeadPages are needed to rented every month. Though LeadPages is good if you can’t spend a big amount all at once.

Features: Lead Pages is simpler than Optimizepress and enables you to build beautiful landing Pages very easily. Optimizepress is can be used to create a complete website. It just not need to limit to just landing Pages.Using Optimizepress allows you take advantage of its features on building a website. This include a membership plugin which is free. It integrates with almost all email service providers for further handling the leads. On the other hand LeadPages provides you features like lead boxes which allows you to create links and buttons which when clicked a pop out opt in form appears. This is great for including content upgrades in your blog. There are several other features like Lead Digits which let your user to text and add in your emailer list. There is even a lead magnet delivery option that will automatically email subscribers when they opt in.  Leadpages marketplace had better-looking themes and variety.

LeadPages Vs Click Funnels

LeadPages and click funnels are similar as some of the features overlap, so it’s often get compared to LeadPages. Talking about the difference, it actually depends on what you really need for your business to expand.

Price: Clickfunnels is quite costly. $97 per month for core features while $297 per month for Actionetics and BackPack. LeadPage is just $25 per month.

Features: Clickfunnels is pretty much capable of doing everything LeadPages can do and lot more.You can create beautiful landing Pages and popup opt-in box with click funnel. Also, you can create a multistep sales funnel which can easily integrate with processors like Stripes enables your user to directly pay the amount. If you buy their Pro Packages you can even replace your email service providers with Actionetics. It’s all very heavily built and powerful. But in case you are not tech savvy click funnels might be harder for you to handle. LeadPages are very simple and it’s easy to use and handle the process.

LeadPages Vs Thrive Leads

Thrive leads is also an alternative to LeadPages. Thrive Leads is just a WordPress plugin while LeadPages and Clickfunnels are entire service software. Feature: Thrive Leads is used to create opt-in forms on your site like popup/exit/inline forms. You can easily create your own PopUp box and add progress bar that lead boxes are known for.

Price:Feature: Thrive Leads is used to create opt-in forms on your site like popup/exit/inline forms. You can easily create your own PopUp box and add progress bar that lead boxes are known for.

Feature: Thrive Leads is used to create opt-in forms on your site like popup/exit/inline forms. You can easily create your own PopUp box and add progress bar that lead boxes are known for. It provides you several form options like SlideIn form, Scroll Mat form and Ribbion. These form options are not available in LeadPages. Also its split testing abilities are much stronger than the Lead Pages. It is easy to customize form with thrive leads and its editor is easy to use with simple move around feature. Thrive Leads is an excellent option for Do It Yourself(DIY) users.

Still LeadPages shines as it covers the two most important features that are

  • Lowest learning Curve of LeadPages.
  • High conversion and Beautiful pre-designed templates.

Reviews from others Users

So I have screenshotted other people reviews from different forums. You can have a look and decide it accordingly.




It’s been a year now for me using LeadPages and its one of the best marketing toolbox I have.  It’s actually essential for implementing the content upgrade strategies.  It had helped me to test out and filter various landing pages and use the effective and high converting Landing Pages.

Well, it’s hard for all to continue with the lead pages because of its high recurring price. Price may sound high for individual business. So its considerable upon how much email marketing can add to your bottom line.

Though its a fact that email marketing is the cheapest marketing strategy if designed correctly. Make email Marketing as a focus of your marketing strategy and leadpages will certainly become a worthwhile investment.

I hope this review was helpful to you. Do let me know what is your feedback on landing pages by Leadpages. I will be glad to add your testimonial to this post. Be it positive or negative, do not hesitate to share. Let us together help other internet marketeers take better decision by honestly reviewing any product or service.

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Ankit is the Co-founder and CEO of Editsoft Digital. He is into Digital Marketing for past 5 years. His core areas of interests are PPC management, Email Marketing, Effective Landing pages and Search Engine optimisation. Loves helping people.

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Ankit is the Co-founder and CEO of Editsoft Digital. He is into Digital Marketing for past 5 years. His core areas of interests are PPC management, Email Marketing, Effective Landing pages and Search Engine optimisation. Loves helping people.

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