Digital Ocean: How To Install WordPress | Map Domain [FAQ]

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Hello all, I am Back with another Tech related article. Today I will Let you know how to install wordpress on Digital Ocean and How to do Domain Mapping On Digital Ocean.



How to install wordpress on digital ocean

We all know that WordPress security is a broad area where we can learn a lot of things like cloud services, how to secure our WordPress from hackers by using Cloud Services. Today In this article We will let you know how to secure your WordPress from hackers by using digital ocean from Installing WordPress on Digital Ocean or we can say it as how to install WordPress on Digital Ocean and How to Map our domain on WordPress Droplet on Digital Ocean.

Hosting WordPress on Digital Ocean is also harder than installing WordPress on Cpanels or on other Cloud Services. Digital Ocean is one of the best WordPress cloud hostings and after installing WordPress on Digital Ocean Droplets we can say that there is a 99.99% possibility of securing your WordPress website from hacking.

Digital Ocean is the most secure cloud hosting service and it has huge storage space for data.

One more thing is that Digital Ocean offers services at a lesser cost than other cloud services (like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Services, etc.)

As with other cloud hosting sites, there are some disadvantages too. There is one disadvantage of hosting WordPress on digital ocean droplet but it was also a very effective advantage that no one can easily access database and their tables on Digital Ocean Droplets because there is everything can be done by coding and after knowledge of coding still no once can easily access database tables and it is very profitable for securing your WordPress from malware. Doing this you just need to secure your front end as I have mentioned in my previous article ” Best Tips For WordPress Security…

Digital Ocean is one of the fast-growing Cloud Hosting Service Companies in the World of the Internet which focuses on customer budget and security. So that Today I would like to tell you how to install WordPress on Digital Ocean and How to do domain mapping on digital ocean droplets.

What is the Affordable and Budget Pricing of Digital Ocean?

For General Purpose

CPU Optimized

CPU Optimized Machines with Dedicated Hyper Threads from best class Intel Processors. Best For Video Encoding and Transcoding, Machine Learning, Ad serving and active from end web servers. Using CPU Optimized Droplets you can enable very good speed of your WordPress and say goodbye to Slow Loading speed of your WordPress websites and more efficient Uploading Speed of WordPress.

Here is CPU Optimized Droplet’s Pricing,

Digitalocean is one of the lowest costing providers in the cloud hosting industry. You can start your own server in just $5/month.

Some of the characteristics of Digital Ocean:

  1. Pay-per-hour usage
  2. NIL minimum period of renting
  3. NIL setup fee (even for large setups)
  4. Plans Starting at Just $0.0007/hour

The $5/month droplet plan comes with:

  • 1GB of RAM
  • 25GB of SSD storage space (SSDs are about 10x faster than traditional hard disks)
  • 1000 GB Transfer
  • 1 unit of vCPU (virtual CPU) power
  • Price: $0.007/hour!

How To Configure WordPress on Digital ocean?

Firstly Go to the official Website of Digital Ocean from here.

If you have an account of the digital ocean then login to digital ocean if you haven’t account then you much create it first.

After Login you will see a dashboard like this:

Here you need to create a droplet by clicking on Create Button where you will see various options in which you have to find Droplets-Create cloud Servers. See Below Screenshot:

After clicking on droplets-create cloud servers you will be redirected to another page from where you need to do 20% of your WordPress installation process on digital ocean. See below screenshot for how it looks like:

After this, you need to Choose an Image means you have to select one distribution which is going to be used for server distribution of your WordPress like Linux or windows. Ubuntu is the version of Linux and we will be going to use Ubuntu Distribution because Ubuntu Distribution is more efficient and easy to use.

And after selecting your distribution, you have to go to the marketplace and select WordPress on 18.04 or any other Ubuntu version for installing WordPress.

After Selecting our distribution you need to choose our plan here you can choose any plan as you wish and your work. We will select the plan for $5/month.

Now you will see below two options:

  1. Add Backups– Here you will be charged $1/month after which it will enable backups. It is optional if you can save your site’s data on another. You can enable this later also.
  2. Add Block Storage– It is also optional if you want some extra block storage, if you have created any volume storage or want to create then you can do it yourself from here.

But We don’t require this so we don’t select both. Next, We will select our datacentre region where we want to select our region of Server IP. See below Screenshot:

You can select any region as you wish. We will select the Singapore region. After this we have to select some additional options for making our droplet to work efficiently like:

  1. Private Networking: Private Networking can be used when you want to do your work privately and want no one can find you or track you then you can choose this option.
  2. IPv6: Internet Protocol version 6 is the most recent version of Internet Protocol and this can be used for identification and location systems for computers and generally all droplets are using IPv6.
    They can be accessed easily and work on WordPress droplets easily which are going to be live on the Internet and on search engines.

See screenshot:

We will select IPv6 and next we will see the option for authentication which is for accessing the WordPress files. There are two options that you can select SSH Keys which is a very secure authentication method and second is One-time password which is less secure since anyone who can have access to your email address can hack your droplets easily hacked it is because each time when you want to access your WordPress site or WordPress droplet an OTP (one time password) will be sent to your admin email and you have to enter it to the console to access all your files and make changes.

What is the best is OTP Method or SSH Key Method in Securing your Files?

We will Select SSH Keys option because it is much secure than OTP method the SSH Keys can be generated from a system and it is only one per system so your droplet can be accessed from only that system from where you have installed it and the SSH Keys cannot be accessed by anyone other than the owner of the droplet.

If you have your system’s SSH Key then you have to select your SSH Key but if you don’t have SSH Key then you have to create it by using Putty or any other application which is made for the purpose.

Here as I have already created and saved my SSH Key in my admin panel you need to do the same. For this, you have to click on New SSH Key and after the click, a pop-up will be generated like below screenshot:


How to create SSH Key?

Add Public SSH Key: If you have already created your SSH Key then you have to paste it here and if you have not created yet then you have to follow these guidelines from here.

After Selecting Your Authentication method you will need to go next step which says finalize and create. Here you will see two options.

  1. How Many Droplets?
    You need to select the number of droplets using the same features you can use any number of droplets but make sure all droplets have individual pricing and WordPress installation.
  2. Choose a Hostname
    From here you have to change the hostname or rename your website name or host You cannot do this later so you have to select it from here only. If you don’t want to change then you can leave as default.

At the bottom of your page, there will be a drop-down menu from which you need to select your project’s name where you want to manage droplets in the future.

After selecting the project name you will see create droplet button and you have to click on this.

After seeing the success message, you will get a root password in your admin email like this. See below Screenshot:


After this, you have to do all installation using the console and you have to click on IP Address and then you will see a page which says Please log into your droplet using SSH to configure the WordPress installation. From the above things, you have done your 80% process of Installation of WordPress. Now you have to just need to do only 20% of the process which can take only 2-3 Minutes.

After seeing the message by entering your IP address in the browser  you need to go your droplet dashboard and you will see as shown below:

From Here you have to go to {…} on droplets tab in the right-hand side and click on this you will see the dropdown

and here you have to select Access Console and after click on access console a new window will be opened where you have to enter your credentials but make sure your typing speed is much better because if you will slow down your speed then web session will be expired and after entering correct credentials you have to change your root password by entering your own password after click enter button and then you have to re-enter your custom password then you will see like this:

Once you’ve reset the root password, you should see a message similar to the one above.

That’s it. We’re now ready for the WordPress Install!!

How to Configure WordPress installation on DigitalOcean?

We have done below steps from above things:

  • We Have Created a new Digital Ocean droplet with Ubuntu and Pre-Installed WordPress;
  • Logged into the droplet via SSH (using DigitalOcean’s console access).

Now we need to do the final steps to get our WordPress website ready.

Go to your IP Address and you will see like below:

After Selecting your WordPress language you have to continue the next step. Here you will see like below screenshot:

Now you have to select a username, password and email address. Your WordPress Website’s database configuration has been pre-installed by DigitalOcean itself. You might also want to turn off search engine visibility if you are just testing a site. Only thing is that you should enable it once your website is ready.

Now You Have to Click on Install WordPress and Now wait for a success message like this:

And now your WordPress website is ready you can log in yourself by click on login.

You will be redirected to your WordPress dashboard by filling your WordPress dashboard which you have created earlier.

Now you can use your WordPress site and publish to the world if you want to use only IP address as your website but if you want to use your own domain to use your digital ocean droplet then you have to do Domain Mapping on your digital ocean Droplet.

Now Our second most important step is on the way:

How to Map Domain to a Droplet on Digital Ocean?

Mapping any domain on the digital ocean is much easier than mapping domain on any other cloud services.

For mapping domain on the digital ocean, you have to go to your droplet dashboard and click on Manage from left-hand sidebar and in Manage you will see networking option you have to click on networking option.

After Click on Networking, you will be redirected to another page in which you will see all your domains and an option to add domain.

Here you have to enter your domain and select your project. If you have only one project in which you have created your droplet then it is auto-selected as default settings.

After clicking on add domain, you will be redirected to another page where you have to select various records like A records and CNAME, etc.

Go with Networking Option and select your domain which you have added earlier.

Create a new A record for the domain.

And in “A” Record you have to select hostname “@” and keep the domain as same like default and add TTL Value 3600 then click create record button.

Before doing all these you need to enter custom nameservers which connects your domain with digital ocean.

After changing nameservers you will see like this details on records dashboard:

For redirecting “www” to use only you have to create another record like you have to add “CNAME” with Host Name “www” and keep the value as same as the default. Make TTL Value as 3600 seconds.

After doing this you all set to use your domain as your digital ocean WordPress droplet. Now you can wait up to 5 minutes to 24 hours.

To check if your domain is pointed to the digital ocean servers you can go here and check the domain.

Now You all done. Go to your domain and check if your domain still redirecting to your IP address you will need to change WordPress URL and site URL to your domain name. Change your URLs to and you will redirect your login panel again and then you need to log in again now you all set to use your Digital Ocean Droplet and your Digital Ocean Hosted WordPress Site.


Wrapping Up!!

Today We all learned about how to install and configure digital ocean wordpress droplet and also learned about domain mapping on digital ocean droplet. By using digital ocean droplet you can make your site much better in security and efficient and also you can make all the very best speed.

Digital Ocean is the best cloud services provider than others. Digital ocean offers lesser budget cloud services than amazon web services, Google Cloud Services and Alibaba Cloud Services.


In my next article in the same category, I will let you know how to install let’s encrypt for secure connections on digital ocean WordPress droplet. So Stay Tuned for the article next week.


Thank You and Have a nice day.

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Vivek Tripathi

Vivek Tripathi is the Lead R&D of Editsoft Digital. He is into IT Department of Digital Marketing for almost 2 years and 8 months. His core areas of interests are Hosting Management, Wordpress Management, Security Configuration, Shopify Store, Digital Ocean, Basic Graphic Designing, Basic HTML, Marketing Automation, ECommerce Web Development, Dropshipping Marketing,Hacking Support, Wordpress Web Development, Marketing Tools, Amazon SES, Amazon EC2 and Search Engine Optimization.

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