Instagram For Business Is Poised To Become The Social Media Service In 2020

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In 2020, Instagram is sure to become a social media service, especially for businesses, both large and small alike. Having more than a billion monthly active users, this platform is the natural choice for businesses to reach out to millions with their brand and product. Therefore, it should not be ignored by any business user.

  • A service platform, Superviral, compiled a few data that shows that Instagram will become a crucial part of the social media marketing strategy in 2020.
  • This Facebook-owned network is the second most downloaded free mobile app, according to the Apple App Store data.
  • It also ranks tenth when it comes to the most searched query on the significant search engine, Google.

It is expected that as the network has evolved in the past and seen some significant growth in 2019. This growth and evolution of Instagram are expected to continue in 2020, as well. Growing at a rate of 20% every year, it will not slow down any time soon.

  • If you look at things from the biological perspective, it is all due to the visual properties of this platform that instigate the brain cells to make a buying decision.
  • According to stats, the visual content is processed 60,000 times faster by the human brain as compared to any textual content.

This means that consumers mostly prefer images or videos over text. Therefore, you will gain more Instagram followers than other social followers and will be better off with your social marketing campaigns

Where Instagram is headed in 2020

If you look at the social media trend of different platforms and compare them with Instagram, you will enable you to know where it is headed in 2020. Therefore, you have a social media strategy in your mind and want to improve it, even more, you must watch the social media trends. Many small business owners are doing so, and if you are not, do it immediately.

All major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram is continually battling to improve their market shares. They do so by implementing new features and making significant changes in their business models.

  • This helps them to provide better returns to their shareholders.
  • It also helps them to improve the user experience.

As the Instagram platform develops, you must also make significant changes in your business marketing strategies to use this platform as well as other social platforms.

Instagram is testing the removal of likes in several countries, such as:

  • Japan
  • Italy
  • Australia and

However, you can still see the like count in the US and Canada on your photos and videos.

This, ideally, is an attempt to make this platform more authentic and prevent businesses from manipulating the app using bots and other unfair means to make them appear more popular, which they are not in reality.

Social eCommerce is on the rise

One of the most significant reasons to use Instagram for business marketing purposes is that in 2020 most of the businesses will focus on social media service. This is primarily because:

  • The eCommerce is on the rise and will continue to grow in 2020 and
  • Almost every consumer mainly uses a mobile device to gain knowledge about a product or a brand they follow through the internet.

It is also a proven fact that video is a much easier and faster medium for reaching out to a larger audience in the most effective way. As for the consumers, a video is a much better medium to know about any product or brand.

Therefore, for this social video generation of the future, you will need to know precisely how native commerce experience looks like and figure out the best ways to use it for your business marketing purposes.

The short-form product videos will be a fun and effective way for the brands to:

  • Convert the viewers on different social channels directly
  • Shorten the pathway between creating awareness for the brand and influence purchase decisions made by the viewers
  • Start a one-to-one communication on the social platform whether it is with an investment advisor or a consumer to generate sales
  • Provide an experience that is exceptional and will build a customer community and
  • Make the best of passive networking.

Since people spend one-third of their time on social media, if you can only tap them, it will help you to boost traffic. Since social commerce is now making the new push, you, as a business marketer, should, therefore, know the best ways to adapt to the whims and changes of social algorithms quickly. This will enable you to formulate the best and winning social media marketing strategy.

Social commerce adoption, according to the report of PWC, will help you to use the mobile-first consumers and also help them to complete their buying journey most comprehensively.

The use of video chat

Facebook used HouseParty in their effort to make the most of the youth trends and ensure that the young generation hangs out on this platform. Instagram soon responded to this video chat concept of Facebook, its owner.

  • It added single live-stream guests through split-screen.
  • It also added Direct for group video calling.

You can expect Instagram to capitalize on these in 2020 for a renewed opportunity for group live-stream offer.

You may also see a few new offerings in the first half of 2020 by Instagram to push IGTV, which ideally has not gained similar momentum as Discover shows of Snapchat in 2019. It will focus on promoting original content and influencer marketing on IGTV to fight with the popularity of Snapchat’s Discover.

Wrapping it up

It will be all about telling stories and how well you do that in 2020. Therefore, make sure that you use Instagram Stories, videos, and IGTV in your social strategy. It will help you to reach out to more people, just like that 64 % of marketers already have in 2019.

Therefore, keep a tab on Instagram developments, some of which are already seen in 2019, to make the best of it in 2020.


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Anushree Bose is an SEO Executive at Editsoft Digital. She is learning Digital Marketing for the past 2 years. She is passionate about SEO and has a special interest in on-page SEO. Her interest lies in content writing and languages. An avid learner who is currently learning the nuances of on-page SEO.

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Anushree Bose

Anushree Bose is an SEO Executive at Editsoft Digital. She is learning Digital Marketing for the past 2 years. She is passionate about SEO and has a special interest in on-page SEO. Her interest lies in content writing and languages. An avid learner who is currently learning the nuances of on-page SEO.

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