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Google Search Console is an amalgam of resources and tools to help webmasters, website owners, SEO professionals and web marketers monitor the performance of your website in the Google search index.

  • The top features entail information about search traffic, search appearance, crawl data, technical status updates, and extra educational resources.
  • Google is working on fixing data in proper URL parameter mechanism. According to most SEOs, you have a current bug in your console. Both have their internal tools and analytics show that indexing and crawling is fine.
  • Both the URL parameters have undergone configuration now.
  • You don’t need to panic because it might not take very long. However, don’t go to the tool to make changes right now.
  • Google search console coverage report enhances accuracy on each page index.
  • It helps you discover performance tabs and reports in the console. They have just obtained fresh data.
  • If you’re a publisher, you can now perceive discover data in the reports. There are many more to come. These include fresh data on search performance.
  • Fresh data can be both advanced or preliminary.
  • API of search analytics doesn’t support the data as yet.
  • The console also adds product filters and results to your performance report.
  • It also rolls out Speed report.

Know its parts

The search appearance of GSC includes structured data, rich cards, data highlighter, sitelinks, and HTML improvements and accelerated mobile pages.

  • Part B of the console has search analytics, site links, internal links, manual actions, mobile usability and international targeting.
  • Part C includes content keywords, index status, blocked resources and removing URLs.
  • Part D includes crawl stats, crawl errors, fetch as Google, sitemaps, and robots texter and URL parameters.
  • Part E and F includes security issues and other resources respectively.
  • Search appearance helps you in visualize the look of your website in the search results.
  • You need to remember that there are numerous code snippets, such as rich snippets, rich cards, and different forms of framework such as AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages and regular HTML corrections.
  • It can help your site stand out. You have an ultra-detailed and informative segment in the site’s search results.
  • Rich cards are a Google’s new inventions. They work in the same of Structured Data. They are visually appealing.
  • When your content appeals visually, it may translate into smooth user-engagement. It will increase your sales and traffic. Google currently permits you to deploy and use rich cards for movies and recipes.
  • To leverage and use Rich Cards for fast SEO, you need to ask your web developer to create rich snippets into movie details or recipes.


Bolstering your SEO

You need to find where your pages rank for specific keywords. The performance report’s last metric is average position. By position, you refer to your ranking in the search results vis-av-vis specific keywords.

  • Unlike average report, a general report displays your positions’ average for every keyword your website ranks for.
  • If you filter pages, it will show the median of positions for each keyword your page ranks for.
  • Taking this as a backdrop, average position generally isn’t the most relevant or helpful data source or piece.
  • Google’s index shows you how many site pages are there. By using GSC’s coverage report, you can see how many pages of your website has ‘indexed’ through Google.
  • Click coverage and select a proper tile or segment for ‘valid.’
  • Experts recommend you compare the total number of pages that you’ve submitted through XML sitemap with your actual page numbers that Google has indexed.
  • You can do this especially for large sites as it’s one of the most crucial steps to take to determine if your site has content duplication, indexing, or/and crawling issues.

Driving more search traffic

You can monitor your site’s performance in the search results. You must ensure that Google can access your material.

  • You can submit new content for tab and crawling. You can also remove it if you don’t want it to flash in search results.
  • Console helps in creating and monitoring content that generates visually engaging search results. If you want more traffic, you can get them via
  • You can maintain your website with minimal disruption to your search performance.
  • Monitor spam issues and malware and resolve them to keep your site clean.
  • Obtaining data from search analytics is very crucial. The top row provides you with options, where you apply numerous filters to your content or reports.
  • These are Clicks, impressions, CTR, and Position.
  • The Clicks filter unveils how many clicks you’ve received from the SERPs.
  • Impressions show you the number of SERPs people have viewed.
  • Google will count these impressions and results differently in accordance with certain factors.
  • You can optimize results and don’t harness clicks. It’s truly one of the best features of the console.
  • You look for keywords that have plenty of impressions but scanty clicks and very low CTR.
  • You’ll find that tons of individuals are seeing these keywords, but they are not actually entering your website.
  • Since these keywords constitute high visibility, you can improve your SERP presence, driving more folks to click through to your website.

Using the console

If your business caters to a particular region of the world, it’s more crucial to get traffic from people living in a set geographic part. Google search Console provides you with data to know the location of your visitors. You can then ensure that you’re reaching your target audience.

  • This the same section as the pages data and keywords. In both versions, you need to select Countries in the main menu.
  • You can see the number of clicks your site gets from each country. The highest number will top the list.
  • You can learn which devices your customers or audience use. You need to have a mobile-friendly website for your business first.
  • It’s always good to know the percentage of your visitors interacting with your brand from their devices.
  • The console covers you in this regard. It distributes the number of clicks you get on every type of device.

You can also switch over to view the number of impressions, average position, and click-through rate.

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Anushree Bose is an SEO Executive at Editsoft Digital. She is learning Digital Marketing for the past 2 years. She is passionate about SEO and has a special interest in on-page SEO. Her interest lies in content writing and languages. An avid learner who is currently learning the nuances of on-page SEO.

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Anushree Bose

Anushree Bose is an SEO Executive at Editsoft Digital. She is learning Digital Marketing for the past 2 years. She is passionate about SEO and has a special interest in on-page SEO. Her interest lies in content writing and languages. An avid learner who is currently learning the nuances of on-page SEO.

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