How to do Tiered Link Building in 2016?

  • January 13, 2016
  • SEO

How to do Tiered Link Building in 2016 :Hello folks. Today I’m going to share one of the important strategy of SEO i.e. Tiered Link building. By implementing this strategy you can rank anything on Search engine without even getting any penalties on your site. So in this articles I’ll be covering everything related to Tiered Link building like:

What is Tiered Link Building and what’s the significance of Tiered Link building?

How to Build Tiered Links of site?


Let’s start with the first part of our articles “What is Tiered link building?”. I’ll be explaining you each process with example and its benefit.

What is Tiered Link building ?

 Tiered link building is creating a link of domains and passing the filtered Link juice to your Money site/ Business site. It can be further spread into 3 major parts to explain it more clearly to you i.e. Tier 1/ Tier 2/ Tier 3 Links.

Tier 1 Backlinks: Backlink, which directly hits to your Money Sites/ Business Site.

Tier 2 Backlinks: Backlink, which directly hits to your Tier 1 site.

Tier 3 Backlinks: Backlink, which directly hits to your Tier 2 site.

Now let’s talk about tier1/ tier 2/ tier 3 link building in detail with their examples.

Tier 1 Links are the backlinks which are created directly for Money site.

Example :- If I create a Web 2.0 (, by publishing articles on it and building a link of my Money sites there which will be known as tier 1 Link.

Benefit :- Whatever link juice this web 2.0 ( has, it will passed to your money site.

Tier 2 Links : Link building of Tier 1 links are known as tier 2 link building.

Example:- Now if I create few Social bookmarks of my Tier 1 i.e. Web 2.0 ( which I created in step 1st + I create few article directories of this web 2.0 ( so these social bookmark and article directories will be called as Tier 2 Links.

In simple words, creating more links of Tier 1 [Step 1 (web 2.0)] is known as Tier 2 backlinks.

Benefit:- Link Juice from article directories & social bookmarks will be passed to Web 2.0 ( which means Web 2.0 become more powerful and hence more link juice will be passed to your Business site/ Money site.

Tier 3 Links : Tier 3 Links are the links that are created for Tier 2 Links to boost the tier 2 links.

Example:- Now, for tier 3 links, I’ll create do Comment backlinks, Forum Profile links, Guestbook, Forum Posting etc. to gain link juice from all sources to my tier 2 Link (Example from Step 2 :- Social Bookmarks & article directories)

Benefit:We will get Link juice from all sources, so to make our tier 2 Links more powerful. Once Our Tier 2 link becomes more powerful, they will pass more link juice to our tier 1 link and finally our tier 1 Link becomes most powerful and now it’ll pass all filtered link juice to Money Site and hence there will be a Boom in ranking of Money site.
Hope you all got an idea that what’s tiered link building, now you’ll be much interested in how to build tiered link building of your site. So let’s move to next part of article that is how to build tier 1/ tier 2/ tier 3 links in 2016.

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How to Build Tiered Links of site?

Below I’m defining the strategy that you can use for tiered Link building (tier 1/ tier 2/ tier 3). You can follow these strategy for your link building techniques.

For Tier 1 Links: Social Bookmarking, Guest Posts, Web 2.0’s, Article Directories, Backlinks from Authority, Forum Profile Links, Social Profile Links.

Tier 2 Links:- Wiki Links, Web 2.0’s, Social Bookmark, Url Shortner, Comment Backlinks, Social Signals, Web Directories, Article Directories.

Tier 3 Links: Comment Backlinks, Wiki Links, Social Signals, Forum Commenting,

Here is an example image of Tiered Link building structure, that how it looks like. You can see this image, understand it and match with the content I mentioned above. You’ll get good idea about that how tiered links look like.

Tiered Link Building 2016

Tiered Link Building 2016


Is Tiered Link Building Safe from Google Updates?

Yes, definitely Tiered Link Building is 100% safe. This Link building strategy is the safest and coolest one as well as you can use it for your long term business site/ money site without even fear of not getting penalised with any Google update.

Why Tiered Linking is Helpful? Can I Rank with just Tier 1 Linking?

To rank on 1st Page of Google that too for long term without any risk of Google update, we select for Tier 2 and Tier 3 linking strategy. If we go only with tier 1 link, we won’t get that much link juice which we can grab from tiered linking process.

Example:- Let’s talk about Tier 1 link. I made a Web 2.0 and linked my Money site/ business site to it. Now, what you do next ? Nothing (Am I right). See lakhs of web 2.0’s are created on daily basis by SEO experts and Google doesn’t pay attention to them, unless you do some extra makeup to that particular web 2.0. Let’s suppose, if you get this web 2.0 index in Google (through submit url to Google webmaster), only a little link juice will be passed to it, which is not enough to get your business site to boost and get some rank in search engine, which means we need to make some more efforts to make this web 2.0 (Tier 1) more powerful so that it can pass enough link juice to our business site and boost help our business site ranking in search engine.  For this you need to makeup on your web 2.0 i.e. tier 2 and tier 3 linking of your tier 1 links.

For Tier 2 link Building:- Starting with tier 2 link building, firstly consider Tier 1 link as your main site and do proper link building of Tier 1 link (Web 2.0).
Example: For this Web 2.0 you can create 50 Social Bookmarks, 10 Web 2.0’s, 200 Blog commenting, 20 Article directories, 50 web directories, 100 Wiki links etc.

For Tier 3 Link Building:- Our objective of Tier 3 link is to pass maximum link juice to Tier 2 links, so that our Tier 2 Links get more powerful and then they will pass their link juice to Tier 1 link and hence Tier 1 link juice will be passed to Our Money site/ Business site.

For Making a large number of backlinks we have two ways :

  1. We can make it manually (As I have explained in tier 3 link building part above)
  2. You can use tool for large number of backlinks like GSA Search Engine Ranker. Blast your Tier 2 Links with GSA SER.

PS :- This tiered link takes time to pass link juice to your Business site, so please wait for it and have patience to grab all filtered and effective link juice to your blog and finally after this you will see BOOM in search engine ranking of your business site.

Hope you find it useful, please share your views via comment and in case if you have any points/ doubts, please comment below I’ll be feeling happy to sort it out and discuss more on it.

Cheers. Happy Digital Marketing and feel SEO.!

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Ankit is the Co-founder and CEO of Editsoft Digital. He is into Digital Marketing for past 5 years. His core areas of interests are PPC management, Email Marketing, Effective Landing pages and Search Engine optimisation. Loves helping people.

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Ankit Sharma

Ankit is the Co-founder and CEO of Editsoft Digital. He is into Digital Marketing for past 5 years. His core areas of interests are PPC management, Email Marketing, Effective Landing pages and Search Engine optimisation. Loves helping people.

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    • Komal varshney
    • February 9, 2018

    Very nice post Ayush sir… It is really helful for getting higer ranking. Thanks for sharing

  1. Reply

    Hello Ayush great man very detailed n excellent article for tired link building, Hey Ayush i want to know if i today create tier 2 n tier 3 backlinks to my tier 1 links after how many days i got fully link juice pass to my money site? 1 week, 2 weeks, or it takes months? i am new in this so please clear this little confusion thanks Ayush.

  2. Reply

    great post. tiered link building is very effective for building healthy backlinks. but i think these techniques would take much time to provide better result.

  3. Reply

    Great points you made, thanks for the tips. I agree that leaving nice comments to other blogs is a way of getting other people to your own blog or website and it is also an easy way to learn about other people and know what they do thereby creating a business relationship. I love nice comments that relates to the topic of one’s writing or general good comments are great way to go.

    • Reply

      Of course; everyone want to read positive words about his/ her work. So nice and positive comments will make a positive impression for the readers as well as for the writer. I agree with this statement.

  4. This is really great post Ayush sab. What if i used spin content of my own blog or others, to post in forums or in other my 2.2 site blogs? I have created accounts in more than 10 web 2.2 site with the same name of my money blog, is this is safe for me or i will avoid to do next time?

    • Reply

      You can use Spin content but there will always a risk factor of getting penalise. In case if you want to use spinned content for your Tier 2 properties, you can make use of Paid Content Spinner (Example : WordAi, kontent machine etc).
      Don’t make all web 2.0’s sites with the same name, If it’s done then don’t use those web 2.0’s sites as it’s not safe at all. Use different site name each time.
      Hope I solved your query. If you have any other question, feel free to comment. Thanks

      • Reply

        Thanks Ayush, That was my mistake in my first blog which have been ignored by on Google and dropped my traffic to 400K to 200. Now i’ll try me best to do not go with the work which i have done before. your comment clear my confusion.

    • RJ
    • May 18, 2016

    What article directories are still worth using, Ayush?

    Also, what website builders do you prefers using for this? Weebly, Wix, SiteBuilder?


    • Reply

      Yes, high quality article directories are still worth using. Also, for website builder you can use weebly or wix those are cool site builders.
      If you have any other query, feel free to comment here. Thanks

  5. Reply

    Nice post Ayush. Is it ok if we use tier 2 link which are no follow?

    • Reply

      Thanks Rohit.
      Yes you can use some of Nofollow links just to maintain the ration of Dofollow and Nofollow.


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