Build Your Dropshipping Ecommerce Website with Shopify

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Hello Guys!! Welcome To My Tech Blogs. Today I am here to let you know how you can build your dropshipping E-Commerce Website with Shopify with all important and useful tutorials to build your excellent eCommerce website with shopify and do your dropshipping marketing which can made you more profit than everything.

Introduction To Dropshipping Marketing

As we all know dropshipping marketing is one of the best marketing methods which leads you in very profit if you have done in the right way. Dropshipping is easy but if you are new then you have to learn the basics. Dropshipping Marketing can be done by WordPress E-Commerce Marketplace and Shopify too but we would recommend using Shopify store for your dropshipping. Because WordPress E-Commerce is much harder than Shopify. There are a lot of Apps which are required which are only available in the Shopify store, in WordPress also apps available to this but it takes much more research for this.

If you are interested in starting your online business then dropshipping is one of the best marketing methods to make your business profitable. Generally, it takes some marketing knowledge to take your online e-commerce business.
But only few people know about the right way of dropshipping. Most people have a query about what it exactly is? How it’s exactly done.? Why we are hearing about dropshipping more every year? And the most important thing, how can it will be helpful for you to grow your business?

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is the method of digital marketing. Dropshipping is the process of shipping goods to your online customers from a third-party supplier by eliminating the steps in between like storing the goods at your personal location then send it to your customers. The online marketing method is lengthy and requires a lot of investment in time and money.
Dropshipping saves you much time and money. With less investment of money, you can grow up your online business by applying the dropshipping method.
Here is a basic example of a normal business model with dropshipping:

  1. A customer orders a product from your business.
  2. You send the order information to your drop shipper.
  3. On the receipt of the order, the drop shipper charges you a price for the product which customer ordered to you and which is sold by your drop shipper, usually wholesale plus a dropshipping fee (It may be costlier as per your drop shipper). Then they pack the product and ship them directly to the customer. You do not have to store it at your place and pack the products yourself.

What are the benefits of dropshipping?

Dropshipping directly eliminates the need of keeping inventory in hand and freeing your complete business from the time, labor and monetary costs of manufacturing products yourself and maintaining your warehouse property to store them. Even if you will dropship only some of your products, you will be freeing up resources for the items that need extra attention. It allows you to offer the items that would normally be impossible to ship due to your location’s limitations, like extremely large goods. You can be based anywhere in the world, but you can do your business through online presence only. And by dropshipping, you can do your business from any place over the world and your products will be delivered to your customers easily without location barrier and other stoppages.

Another benefit is that your dropshipper takes care of the entire physical process of the packaging and shipping your products to your customers. For many online business owners, packaging, shipping, and fulfillment is a huge headache.

Dropshipping essentially outsources that part of the business to somebody else. Because dropshippers maybe large businesses who are currently dealing with many orders in a single day, They might even offer negotiable shipping rates that are lower than the ones of your small or medium business can get. Dropshipping can also decrease the losses from damaged products because shipments take a more direct route from the warehouse to the customer.

Lastly, the biggest benefit of dropshipping is that the shop owner only buys the product when the customer does. Instead of investing in a lot of products in a single time to get wholesale pricing and paying for the storage of the goods, business owners get to invest all their resources in other areas of the business. This eliminates business owner’s risk of buying products that may not sell and brings the up-front cost of the product to zero cost. For businesses that are trying to stick to a learn cost structure or want to start up without a lot of investment, dropshipping is the best solution. After this, you can start your business with a minimum hosting fee and time.

Similarly, dropshipping is a great way to test out new ideas and products. If you have been wondering about which style of T-Shirt or which type of jewelry would be a popular seller on your site, dropshipping provides you the best opportunity to do the market-testing in real-time, without investing huge resources in testing the market for pre-launch. If your product does not sell, you can easily switch your marketing strategies in a way until you hit on the magic formula that works for your business.

How do I find a Dropshipper?

Firstly you need to finalize your vision of the business including what type of products you want to sell. Then you need to do some research online regarding which largest online eCommerce sites or business sells their products at the cheapest price and which companies are actually dealing in wholesale businesses. You can also for keywords on the internet such as “wholesale”, “distributor”, “bulk”, “reseller”, “warehouse”, “manufacturer,” “fulfillment house” and “supplier” etc. You can also search like this by using any particular product.

You can also find various dropshipping aggregators online, for example in the form of comparison lists or blog articles, or through the companies whose purpose is to just help you to find the perfect drop shipper for your business. These can be free or paid resources, but just as with the drop shipper itself, you need to do your homework to ensure the aggregator is honest, reliable and reputable in the field. In the past, many merchants have worked with drop shippers that have built-in “aggregation” tools, such as kola imports.

The part is you don’t have to limit your search to the internet; another option is to contact the manufacturer of your desired goods directly. Most of the manufacturers can provide you with a list of dropshippers that actually carry their products. little effort can make you different from the people who are dropshipping the same products. And also who knows, you may get an even better deal from the manufacturers.

Here is some of the most popular suppliers for dropshipping:

  • AliExpress.
  • SaleHoo.
  • Doba.
  • Wholesale2B.
  • Worldwide Brands.
  • Wholesale Central.
  • Dropship Direct.
  • Sunrise Wholesale.
  • MegaGoods.
  • InventorySource.
  • National Dropshippers.

There is a lot of companies who offer free sign up cost and you can also do your dropshipping free of cost but some companies/dropshippers are actually paid and they take money for running your dropshipping.

Company Product Category Sign Up Cost
AliExpress General Free Sign Up
Salehoo General $67/Year
Doba General $29/Month
Wholesale2B General $24.99/Month
WorldwideBrands General $249 (One-Time Fee)
Wholesale Central General Free Sign-Up
Dropship Direct General Free Sign-Up
Sunrise Wholesale General $99/Year
MegaGoods General $14.99/Month
InventorySource General $50/Month
National Dropshippers General $19.99/Month or $89.88/Year General $69/Month

Why choose Shopify for your dropshipping business?

There are various eCommerce solutions in the market that can impower your dropshipping business, Shopify is the best solution because it is the most popular platform for merchants.

Shopify is:

Dropshipper-friendly – One of the best things about Shopify is the platform is friendly with solutions that are made for dropshipping. One Example is Oberlo specially created for dropshipping and works exclusively with Shopify.

Packed with great features – Shopify offers a host of features that let you create an eCommerce business website. In addition to its online builder, which enables you to design and set up your store, Shopify also has features which can handle your sales, marketing, and payments too.

Easy to use – Shopify is one of the most friendly solutions for users. It may be packed with functionalities, but it doesn’t get overwhelming. The company does an excellent job with merchants on how to use its software.

Now you have a better idea of the benefits of dropshipping with Shopify, let’s talk about how you can build your dropshipping with Shopify.

How to start dropshipping

Find your niche

Firstly to build a dropshipping business you need to figure it out that what you are selling and who are your target customers.

Choose a niche that you are genuinely interested in, but make sure there is demand- and profit to be made- in that market. If there is any loss of any penny then you should do some more research on choosing correct products. Products which are in high demand then those are helpful if not or less demand-able products in your website then it can make you in a loss. Trendy niches ensure you that actually make you money.

1. Do Keyword Research

Starting by making a list of product keywords in your markets. Like if you focused on the health and fitness market, you would find relevant keywords that people would search for example leisurewear, gym clothes, leggings, workout clothes, yoga pants, etc.

2. Determine product trends

Getting data of keywords is great, but you should also need to combine that with trend data to figure out if an item gaining more popularity. So, you can use it to Google Trends and enter both keywords to search popularity.

3. Figure out if your niche is profitable

The popularity of products is a good sign, but at the end of the day, you still need to make money. Before your launching of dropshipping business, you need to add some products to your store which are profitable.

Today, in this tutorial I will explain to you how to set up your eCommerce website with Shopify and How we can do dropshipping with eCommerce website built on Shopify. In this tutorial, I will let you know how we can do dropshipping marketing with Aliexpress because Aliexpress is free of cost dropshipper and easy to work with.

Let’s Begin with Shopify Ecommerce Web Development and Dropshipping Marketing in Simple Steps.

You Need one Shopify account. Shopify Provides free trial when you create one account. If you have one then you can log in and if not have then you can create on from Here is a screenshot of account creation.



Click on Start Free Trial then you will redirect to this page as shown in the screenshot. Here you have to put your email address and password and also you need to select your store name from which you want to make your dropshipping business. After putting all details click on to create your store.



After click on create your store, you will be redirected to a page which looks like the screenshot below.



From here you need to add some details about your store. Like the screenshot below:



From Below Screenshot, you need to add your address where you will pay.



Now after this you will be redirected to the admin dashboard and you can see various options like this.



Now you need to select your plan. Shopify Store works their own hosting plans and may be different from others but we can make sure that Shopify provides one of the best eCommerce hosting plans and most secure hosting plan.



As shown above most popular plan you can go ahead with $79/Month but we will go with $29/Month because it is cheap and reliable.

Here you can select your plan after selecting you need to select billed yearly or monthly basis and after selecting you will need to put your card details and after selecting the plan you can start your free trial of 14 days after this free trial you will be charged the plan you have selected.

Next, you need to add some products into your store you can do this manually but you have to do dropshipping marketing so you need to add some apps or need to install Oberlo app from app section like this.



After clicking on apps you will see like this dashboard from here you can click on visit Shopify app store and you will be redirected to the app store.



It looks like this and here you need to search for Oberlo app.



Here you will search for oberlo and you will find results like this. Note down oberlo is freely available in a shopify store.



You need to click on Oberlo and you will be redirected to page like this.



And you need to add app and you will be redirected to your dashboard and where you will see install app button and you have to click on install app.



After clicking on the install app, you will be redirected on Oberlo dashboard from where you can explore your products which are marked you in your niche. In my case, I have selected some general products.




I need to put some men’s watches as in my store.

So, I have searched for watches. And see below are some results. And also you can see that all watches are available on Aliexpress with Aliexpress cost. This is the key point to note down. If Aliexpress provides any product in $1 then you need to add your store prices some more than Aliexpress price.



From here you can click on add to import button to add the product in your store directly from aliexpress to your Shopify store. Let’s see my case study.

I have added some products in my store by click on add to the import button.



After adding my import lists I have to set up some profit costs and original store price.



I need to click on the import list where we can see a dashboard in this dashboard we can manage our store prices and our profit.

Here you can see lists of products which we have selected as add to import lists.



Here you can see product title, description, variants, and images.

Product Title: From here you can select the title of product which is completely SEO optimized because this default product title is directly from Aliexpress.

Description: You can change yourself as you want but make sure these descriptions must be related to your product because any customer will see the only description first then will buy the product.



Now in the Variants section, you will see a various variant of your products which are selling on Aliexpress you can add variant which can be sell from your store and also you can delete it from the list which you don’t want to sell. Also from variants, you can also select the selling price with respect to your profit like this.



From here you can see that $2.29 is the selling price of Aliexpress and your store price shown in the price section as much you will increase the profit also increased. So from here, you can select your profit price and also you can manage your compared price.

And you can select all from all your imported products.

Now we need to add this product to our store. So we have to click on import to store button.



Now we can make a collection of our products on Shopify which we want to sell online into a collection.

When you have added your products, navigate back to products of your Shopify store. You should now see all the items you have added from Oberlo.

There are various ways to add product tags. First thing is to add tags individually for each product manually and also we can add tags in bulk on your product list. Just select the items you want to tag, click the actions dropdown options then click add tags button.

Set up your Collections

To allow your customers to search the type of products they are searching we need to set up a collection. In my case, I have created Men’s Collection to add my watch collection into it.

Here are a few examples of the types of collections you can create:

  • On Sale Products
  • Type of Product
  • Type of Customer( Men, Women, and Kids)
  • Color of Product

To add a collection, click on Products on your navigation and then click collections. From there, click the create collection button, and you will be redirected on a page which you can put the collection name and add a description also you can add collection image to show actual product type from collection type.



Set up and design your store’s theme

After you have set up all your products, you can move on to set up your theme and designing your Shopify Store. To get started to this, click on Online Store on the left-hand sidebar navigation of your Shopify store. You can add free themes from Shopify store or you can purchase any themes from the market. We can go ahead with free themes but it may be less attractive. But if you don’t have the budget theme you can explore their marketplace to search best themes.

If you have found any best theme then you can upload it to the themes section.



Now click on explore free themes then it loads a popup and here you need to select free themes. Let me show you how it looks.



We will select a simple theme. Then we will see another window to add to theme library like this.




After adding completely we will see 2 options actions and customize like this.



From Customize option we can customize the theme of our store as required.

After clicking on customize option we will be redirected to the theme editor. As shown below.



If we want to add the logo of our store then we need to click on the header button and we can now add the logo. As shown below:




We can also add an announcement text and a link of any offer of our business. And we can add our business tagline too.

Depending on the theme we need to select menu items but as in simple theme, menu section was added in the sidebar section.



If we want to feature any collection then we can add featured collection in featured collection section.



Every theme has a footer section as a theme feature. Where we can add about section. Here in this theme, this section is not available. But it is available in the form of rich text.



We can also add more sections as we want to be added from the add section button as shown below.



After doing all the required changes we need to publish the theme if we don’t do this then all changes will not be saved and we have to do it again. Here is how we can publish the changes.



For menu items, we need to add some pages and you can do it from sidebar like this.



After adding pages we can now see the pages in the menu bar.

Main Pages that are required for a dropshipping business are:

  1. Home
  2. About Us Page
  3. Contact Us Page
  4. FAQ Page
  5. Track orders

For Home Page: We can add custom link of our domain for the home page.

For About Us Page: We need to add about our dropshipping business, it may be about your company or anything else but make sure it can make a trust to the customers that you are a genuine seller. About page is very important for dropshipping business and a dropshipping business can run perfectly only on trust.

For Contact Us Page: You can make a page from pages section as shown above where you can select contact us template for making contact form and publish the page to make it work.

For FAQ Page: Here in this page you can add Frequently asked questions that can be asked by other customers.

Track Orders Page: From here you can add tracking API with the help of AfterShip Tracking. They are providing free tracking APIs which can track various postal services to your store.

How To Add Items in your Menu Bar?

Firstly you need to go to the online store where you have to click on the navigation button then you will see your menus which are automatically generated by the theme you are using. To add menu items in these menus you need to select any menu where you want your pages to be added and then you will see that your pages after a click on an add menu item and after a click on this you will see name and page to select in a popup which opens after a click on an add menu item. Then after doing this your menu item will be added if you want to add serial wise your page then you can simply drag and drop your menu items and set your serial wise pages it’s very easy anyone can do this in a simple way.

Here are the screenshots of all the process:







After adding menu items, you need to make your store live with your brand domain. For this, you need to go to an online store and then select domains section and new page loads where you can add your custom domains. Here is a simple tutorial for adding your custom domain Click Here for adding your custom domain in your Shopify Store.

Now you need to edit your general preferences.

How To Edit your site’s general preferences?

Now we need to edit our site’s preferences. This is the section from where you can edit your site’s title and meta description. Also you can add your google analytics code as well as facebook pixel code.

You can find it by click on the “Preferences” Button on your left-hand side menu. Here is the screenshot for this.


Here is a trick that would create a great User Experience. You can add additional codes after adding google analytics tracking code.

This can be found any other site too but we will help you to find complete details regarding the dropshipping business.

You can add below code in additional google analytics javascript:

var pSettings={
progressBg: ‘#23468c’,
progressBg2: ‘#d9e3f7’,

highDemandText: “An item you ordered is in high demand. No worries, we have reserved your order.”,
discountText: “Enter your discount code here”,

whyUsImg1: ‘’,
whyUsTitle1: “30-day Satisfaction guarantee with Money Back”,
whyUsText1: “If you’re not satisfied with your products we will issue a full refund, no questions asked.”,

whyUsImg2: ‘’,
whyUsTitle2: “Over 34.245 successfully shipped orders”,
whyUsText2: “We made as much happy customers as many orders we shipped. You simply have to join our big family.”,
function crC(e,t,s){if(s){var n=new Date;n.setTime(n.getTime()+60*s*1e3);var i=”; expires=”+n.toUTCString()}else i=””;document.cookie=e+”=”+t+i+”; path=/”}function rdC(e){for(var t=e+”=”,s=document.cookie.split(“;”),n=0;n<s.length;n++){for(var i=s[n];” “==i.charAt(0);)i=i.substring(1,i.length);if(0==i.indexOf(t))return i.substring(t.length,i.length)}return null}function eSC(e){crC(e,””,-1)}function stTM(e,t,s){var n,i,d;function a(){n=t-((|0),d=n%60|0,i=(i=n/60|0)<10?”0″+i:i,d=d<10?”0″+d:d,s.textContent=i+”:”+d,n<=0&&(clearInterval(c),document.getElementById(“ct836″).innerHTML=”Order reservation ended.”,}a();var c=setInterval(a,1e3)}var wnd=window.location.href,chsg='<svg xmlns=”” width=”12″ height=”12″ viewBox=”0 0 24 24″ fill=”#fff”><path d=”M20.285 2l-11.285 11.567-5.286-5.011-3.714 3.716 9 8.728 15-15.285z”/></svg>’;wnd.indexOf(“checkout”)>-1&&(window.onload=function(){if(wnd.indexOf(“checkout”)>-1&&(dsXt=document.getElementById(“checkout_reduction_code”),document.body.insertAdjacentHTML(“afterbegin”,'<div class=”content prH7″><div class=”wrap”><div class=”ar64″><div id=”sp1″ class=”s8 s8c”><span id=”spn1″>1.Customer</span></div><div id=”sp2″ class=”s8″><span id=”spn2″>2.Shipping</span></div><div id=”sp3″ class=”s8″><span id=”spn3″>3.Payment</span></div></div></div></div>’),-1===wnd.indexOf(“thank_you”))){document.getElementsByClassName(“main__content”)[0].insertAdjacentHTML(“afterbegin”,'<div><div id=”ct836″ style=”display:block;background:#fff5d2;padding:10px 20px;border:1px solid #fac444;font-size:14px;color:#2c2c2c;font-weight:bold;-webkit-border-radius: 5px;-moz-border-radius: 5px;border-radius: 5px; 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Now We Need to setup Payments from which we can get our payments.

We have to click on the “settings” button and now we will be redirected to the page where our all settings are present.

See how it looks:




From here we can set everything from our store. For Payment setup, we need to click on Payment Providers. Then We will see another page.

From where we can activate PayPal checkout by entering our PayPal credentials. Paypal is much easy for adding our payment gateway because the maximum dropshipping business run in international based and it is much easier when anyone wants to pay then they will see Paypal checkout.

You can also add any other method for payment from third party payment provider here you have to select the payment provider from select payment provider button if your provider were listed in the list then you can simply click on the provider and after adding your credentials your payment setup completed.

Here is how you can do this in the screenshot:




Let me tell you everything about what things you can do from settings step by step:

Settings of Shopify Store

General Setting:
From General Setting you can change your store name, store contact email, customer email address, legal name of the business, phone number, your address, time zones and store currency like USD or INR etc.





Taxes Setting:
From here you can select a region of your tax and tax calculations (maybe different of yours if you want to charge taxes then it can be included in your products price).




Sales Channel:
From here you can select your sales channel and manage them like if you want to add google shopping channel, facebook channel or any other channel then you can manage them all from here.



Payment Provider setting:
Explained Above.

Location Setting:
From Here you can Manage the places you stock inventory, fulfill orders, and sell products.

Plan and Permission:
Here you can view your current plan information and manage what staff can see or do in your store.

Checkout Setting:
Here you can customize the checkout process of your store.

Notification Setting:
From here you can set up and manage your all notifications.

Billing Settings:
From here you can manage your bills and your invoices.

Shipping Settings:
From here you can manage your shipping details from where you will ship or shipping charges can be managed from here.

Files Settings:
From here you can manage all your files and documents easily or if you want to add any files or upload any files then it can be managed from here.

Legal Settings:
From here you can set up your legal pages for your store or also you can manage them all from here.

Important Apps Required For Shopify Dropshipping Business

AfterShip – Track & Notify

It keeps your customers to be updated about their orders which are placed from your store until the delivery with customized tracking and automated notifications.
It can provide all information related to their orders and when their order will be delivered at their doorstep.

Loox – Photo Reviews

Key features

  • Simple One-Click Setup
  • Import Product reviews directly from your dropshippers to make the popularity of your product.
  • 100% Responsive, work with any theme and mobile-friendly.
  • Email review requests.
  • Branded Emails
  • Customization
  • Moderation
  • Reply to reviews
  • Textual reviews
  • Inline SEO
  • Google Shopping Integration
  • Social reviews sharing
  • Rating widget
  • Happy customers page
  • The Loox Popup
  • Customers can easily access all the reviews with a floating button on the side of your screen.
  • Showcase your best reviews
  • GDPR Compliant
  • World-class customer support
  • Collect reviews via Facebook Messenger
  • Collect reviews & automate workflows

Upsell X – Simple Upsell & Cross-Sell Offers

Key Features:

  • You can Create focused Upsells & Cross-Sells easily. You can propose your products upgrade or addons products exactly at the moment where customers are ready to purchase.
  • You can Offer Multiple Products in your upsell offer.
  • You can easily Beautifully design a modal which may contribute to your User Experience!.
  • Setup Discounts and apply them whenever the customer benefits from your offer!
  • Track your upsell performance.

Zipify Pages

From this app, you can easily create landing pages for your campaign with easy drag and drop page builder.

Customer Support

You can give your customer support from a chat option like you can add live facebook chat option from where your customers can talk with you directly and also you can add your official email for which anyone can email you for support and it is very important for making your dropshipping business success.

The last step is that we need to advertise our dropshipping business because just making a website is not make you profit without their marketing itself.

Let’s Discuss Briefly marketing in the eCommerce store:

Facebook Ads: If you want to engage your customer from facebook then there is a good chance to make this successful. Because now Facebook has over 2 billion active users and there 1 billion monthly active users on the Instagram social app. There is a ton of people, so if you have the budget to do so, you can use facebook’s advertiser solutions to make your customers or audiences.

Google Adwords: As the advertising was used by many other stores to make their customers then Google Adwords is much useful to make more genuine audiences. You can place your ads by setting up a Google Shopping Campaign which involves creating shopping ads that show users a photo of the product with a title and store name.

SEO: Another way to get in front of users who are searching for products which are in trend is search engine optimization but it may take too long to show results.

After doing all these you can expect good results for your dropshipping business and it may make you good profits. Because Dropshipping marketing can let you know about everything like marketing, advertising, designing, and development. Every Digital Agency knows about dropshipping but if you have secrets of dropshipping then you can gain maximum benefits than others.

Wrapping Up!

Today we have learnt about how we can set up dropshipping business by using shopify store with correct designs and also their correct techniques such as how we can run a successful dropshipping business. Starting a dropshipping business with Shopify Store is easy, and requires very little investment. From these, you can experiments with different marketing methods and see which method successfully drive traffic and sales. If you have any query regarding dropshipping marketing then comment below because we have experts in the dropshipping marketing business. We will assist you with how you can do it correct.

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Vivek Tripathi is the Lead R&D of Editsoft Digital. He is into IT Department of Digital Marketing for almost 2 years and 8 months. His core areas of interests are Hosting Management, Wordpress Management, Security Configuration, Shopify Store, Digital Ocean, Basic Graphic Designing, Basic HTML, Marketing Automation, ECommerce Web Development, Dropshipping Marketing,Hacking Support, Wordpress Web Development, Marketing Tools, Amazon SES, Amazon EC2 and Search Engine Optimization.

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Vivek Tripathi

Vivek Tripathi is the Lead R&D of Editsoft Digital. He is into IT Department of Digital Marketing for almost 2 years and 8 months. His core areas of interests are Hosting Management, Wordpress Management, Security Configuration, Shopify Store, Digital Ocean, Basic Graphic Designing, Basic HTML, Marketing Automation, ECommerce Web Development, Dropshipping Marketing,Hacking Support, Wordpress Web Development, Marketing Tools, Amazon SES, Amazon EC2 and Search Engine Optimization.

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