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Hello Guys, We all know that hacking could be done in any of the websites on the world wide web. Websites Hacking is now common which is only done to steal data of sites. It is sole purpose of a WordPress hacker to steal your precious data from your site like traffic or steal your credentials for your account. The suspicious things you might be observing on your site could be the work of a hacker. They could be doing more harm to your site than you know. And We all know WordPress hacking is now a common thing.

Importance of WordPress

We all know WordPress is a platform that can be used by anyone and also a very easy platform to develop any website. There are 60% of people in this world that are using WordPress for their business purposes. But there is also some of loopholes present and a hacker can easily hack any WordPress website. 

What you will read in this article?

  1. Types of WordPress Hacking
  2. Examples of WordPress site Hacking
  3. Recommended Fixes for all type of Hacking.

 I am here to let you know about types of WordPress hacking and how to fix them.

 Lets Start,

Hacking Type 1- Redirection of WordPress site to malicious sites

For Example:

If below types of issues occurred when you load your site then you may say it’s a hack.

See below screenshots:

If this type of problems occurred then have a look for the solutions.


Check the following areas for suspicious code

  1. Core WordPress Files
  2. Index.php
  3. Index.html
  4. .htaccess file ( Normally Present in site directory and also in hidden files)
  5. wp-contents
  6. header.php
  7. functions.php

In general, the malicious code of 10 to 12 lines is inserted in header.php of the WordPress website.

Scan your WordPress site with many WordPress malware scanners.

  1. Check both index.php and index.html
  2. Check all core files
  3. Take Backup of Your complete site- There are many backup tools available in the market to take a backup of your WordPress site one plugin I can suggest is All in One WP Migration it is safe to install in your WordPress site but for hacked site I can’t say it’s safe way to backup your site. If you have taken a backup of your site by using this tool then you should know what this plugin can do. This plugin can take a backup of every file present related to your sites like MySQL and Database and all WP files. And this plugin required to be installed in other sites where you want to import your files.

And I recommend you to take backup with the safest way.

  1. Firstly know your database name from visiting your core files and find the wp-config.php file and take your database backup by visiting PHPMyAdmin which is present in your cpanel. Following are the steps shared in screenshots.

Login to your cpanel.

login to your cpanel

Search for your PHPMyAdmin in your cpanel.

After Clicking on PHPMyAdmin, you will be redirected to your all databases. You will find here both options to export and import your database tables.

After Clicking export, you will see two options:

  1. Quick – display only the minimal options
  2. Custom – display all possible options

It will be wise to select quick option to export your data because it is easy and effective. There is one more necessary step to export your database that is the selection of format. You will find various kind of formats to download but choosing SQL format is recommended because it’s easy to edit in notepad ++ and also compact in low sizes.

See below screenshot:

After downloading your file keep it in a safe place with anti-virus enabled the system.

    2. Take a backup of your files.

You just need to compress your wp-content folder and wp-config.php file then download it because of maximum chance to hack and hacking code presence in folders and files other than the wp-content folder & wp-config.php file.

How can you find your wp-content folder and wp-config.php file?

Click on file manager and you will be redirected to your root directory.

After compressing wp-content folder, download your folder and one more file wp-config.php because in this all details of your database and without this file, you can’t import your database but actually you can do this in this condition too but I will tell you in our next blog. Now you can do anything with your files your data is safe.

  1. Check database and table of your site for malicious logins and unknown users.
  2. Replace current core files of your WordPress site with latest default WordPress core files.
  3. Keep your all things updated like themes, plugins, and WordPress too.
  4. And check again for malicious redirects from different systems.

You have resolved this problem.

Hacking Type 2- Unsuccessful Login 

If you are trying to get login with your credentials like this:

Then directly says any issue in the site. Go to the given solution to overcome this issue.


No other choice to find where is an issue but you can only do one thing by protecting your login panel by using login ninja plugin or using wordfence. You can immediately change your password with another system and log out from everywhere and make sure this time your password is much secure than previous.

Insecure Password examples: [email protected], [email protected], wordpress#@123 etc.

Any Hacker when started to hack your site by trying only this password due to this I am saying this is insecure password.

Secure Password examples: awpoixemqqw93812n3x8233mx81m33, aoxmowir[qw923x121][[[wxweuinwrx, 65Edcamop234-]22342muxnehwuerNufrrwuNUPnp etc.

These passwords can’t be detected by anyone easily. No one can crack these type of passwords.

If you have used Secure Password then hacker can’t crack your password for doing this they have to login into your Cpanel so I would like to recommend you to change your cpanel password too in this condition. If you want to be safe in unsuccessful login problem you can enable 2FA into your cpanel because if you are using 2FA then there is very less means 98% chances that hacker can’t log in into your cpanel because the OTP which is generated with your 2FA App changes every minute and that can’t possible to hack.

Hacking Type 3- Malicious content is added to your site

You can find this type of hack in your website by searching your site on Google like “” and if it shows this site may harm your computer on below tab of your site.

Or if unknown meta-tag shows then it definitely shows your site had been hacked.  Like Below Example:

To overcome this issue then go to below solution I will tell you.


Try looking for hidden content in the website code. There might be links to malicious sites hackers planted in the footer of your site, or they might have installed popups which will open on a regular basis to your customers. And I have the best solution for this Please go back to the solution of hacking type 1.

Hacking Type 4- Suspicious visits

You can find unknown visits on your site by visiting Google Analytics account for your site/Statcounter or Wordfence then directly shows from where visitors of your site comes. If an unknown visitor came and see your pages which are not likely to go by any visitor like your admin page or trying to access your login panel. You can see it in wordforce also.

For e.g.,



For this hacking, you can do as same as in hacking type 1 because of this type of hack also very critical. Use Google Webmasters Tools to find suspicious domains and track suspicious visits.

Hacking Type 5- A sudden drop in traffic

If a sudden drop in traffic on your site occurred as you can see in given screenshot.

And you can see your traffic in any of your tool which shows your traffic and also if this occurred then you have to take immediate action as given below:


If you haven’t noticed any changes on your site, but you do find out that search results in Google and other search engines are strange (show different titles and other meta-data), this might be a clear sign of a hacked site. A hacker might have changed your content in a way which can be visible only to an expert. Still, the change would be visible in the search engine results.

Check your site with Google Webmasters Tools, and check if your site got hacked with free online tools.

Hacking Type 6- Site doesn’t exist

If suddenly your running website says this web-page doesn’t exist after log on to your site. Then it is another issue or you can say you were hacked.

See screenshot for example.

To overcome this issue you can see below solutions which I have done for my site,


There are times when hackers won’t access your site to plant malicious code, redirect users or use your email for spam. Sometimes, all they will want to do is to crash your site. Rarely, a hacker will successfully delete everything from the entire server. That’s why it is important that you host your files at a renowned hosting company which will take of security and also keep daily or at least weekly backups of your website. It’s a good practice that you also do your own backups from time to time so that the site can be quickly restored.

Hacking Type 7- Suspicious files

If you are visiting you file manager of hosting where you have hosted your site and you will see any of files which are not likely to exist in your directory. You can see your PHP files, folders, theme folders or plugins folders.

And If you see any code which is likely to get redirected to another file or in your visitor-path if you will see any page which is not actually added by you then you can say it’s a hack.

See example:

If the above scene happens you can do below solutions.


Try looking for files which don’t belong to your WordPress installation. Scan your site with an online tool and Then delete the files or remove the malicious code from infected files. 


WordPress is the world’s easy website development platform as much its easy to develop it’s also not much easy to hack but hacking takes place in any site it can be done in PHP web development too but if we can take care our sites and stay updated with latest security features we can’t take our sites to be hacked. There are various tools present on the internet by which you can track your site’s security issues.

Stay tuned I will be back with another Tech Related Article.


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Vivek Tripathi is the Lead R&D of Editsoft Digital. He is into IT Department of Digital Marketing for almost 2 years and 8 months. His core areas of interests are Hosting Management, Wordpress Management, Security Configuration, Shopify Store, Digital Ocean, Basic Graphic Designing, Basic HTML, Marketing Automation, ECommerce Web Development, Dropshipping Marketing,Hacking Support, Wordpress Web Development, Marketing Tools, Amazon SES, Amazon EC2 and Search Engine Optimization.

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Vivek Tripathi

Vivek Tripathi is the Lead R&D of Editsoft Digital. He is into IT Department of Digital Marketing for almost 2 years and 8 months. His core areas of interests are Hosting Management, Wordpress Management, Security Configuration, Shopify Store, Digital Ocean, Basic Graphic Designing, Basic HTML, Marketing Automation, ECommerce Web Development, Dropshipping Marketing,Hacking Support, Wordpress Web Development, Marketing Tools, Amazon SES, Amazon EC2 and Search Engine Optimization.

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