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Editsoft Digital Pvt. Ltd. is a one stop digital marketing agency based in NOIDA a part of the Delhi NCR region, which comprehensively covers every aspect of digital marketing.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important parts of digital marketing. In fact, the growth of Google brought in the concept of search engine optimization (seo). Most people do not type the name of the website in the browser and just the closest word in Google search. Google invariably throws up the correct site at the top and the person clicks on that and moves ahead.

As time passed and almost every internet surfing started with a google search, businesses recognized that being on the top page in any google search would get more people to visit their site and in turn help in increasing the business.

If one scrolls to the bottom on the page the number of search results that google throws up is so large that the number tends to infinite. Therefore, everyone is interested in increasing their page ranking i.e. where their site would figure in a google search. Logically the higher up the order the better the chance of getting noticed and viewed and vice versa beyond a certain ranking it is almost irrelevant.


Google has its proprietary algorithm for this and given that everyone is interested in cracking the code and parameters, Google keeps changing the algorithm to improve the accuracy of getting the correct websites on top that the person browsing is actually looking for. While this situation appears ironical from the point of view of a business entity which has to constantly spend money to stay relevant according to the dynamically changing Google algorithm, it is important to always remember that it is the potential customer who is browsing that is important. This potential customer will maintain the behavioral traits on which seo is based as long as google keeps showing the most relevant sites to the search on the top always.

One can go for a more localized seo which will be limited to a certain geography, say Delhi NCR region, or go for a globalized seo. Obviously localized seo will be faster and hence cheaper to attain. Editsoft Digital Pvt. Ltd. can help customers come to the most economical decision on seo and any digital marketing services to aid their business.


Lets delve a little deeper now. Google as a search engine is free of cost and it supports billions of searches every day, maintaining the right accuracy and yet charging nothing for the search. Imagine the technology, infrastructure, manpower and other resources that are going into this. So where does the revenue for this come from? When you do a search notice how many of them feature a few sites right on the top with a small Ad in a box on the left. These are paid advertising on Google. Again multiply this by billions and you know where the revenue is being generated.

So what is the criteria that we are really tracking here for our business. That is key words. When we see key words it could mean a single word, a bunch of words or even a phrase. Every character is important in seo. The best digital marketing agencies such as Editsoft Digital Pvt.Ltd. would remain observant and cautious on this always.


Editsoft Digital Pvt. Ltd. is recommended by our existing clients who consider it the best digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR providing seo services as it supports every client by giving them a complete keyword analysis ranging from which words they should use to rank their site and also where they stand with respect to their competitors.

To take any decision for a business entity, it is the impact on the bottom line which is most important. In other words we could also say that every business decision needs a justifiable Return on Investment. When google has provided the option of paid advertising one can simply pay google directly and get prospective customer leads. The issue here is that the cost of leads is likely to keep increasing In this case because its an open auction system where anyone can bid for the keyword and as demand increases the cost increases. Secondly a paid campaign has a small shelf life and with passage of time the quality of leads deteriorates drastically which implies higher costs for getting new campaigns prepared at short durations and higher conversion costs.

SEO on the other hand is slower to give results but is like an organic method where prospective clients see the site as a regular one ranked high and not as a paid advertisement. Such sites not only get higher traffic which is maintained only by maintaining the search engine ranking but also have better engagement and conversion.

The ideal strategy that Editsoft Digital Pvt.Ltd. would suggest to any prospective client for seo services, therefore, is to plan and invest in seo as a continuous part of the business supported by google adwords (paid google advertising) for certain keywords till such time that the company website itself starts ranking on those keywords.

To summarize this in a nutshell, if one is looking for one time lead generation or short term lead generation then google adwords (pay per click as it is popularly known) can do it for you. Editsoft Digital Pvt. Ltd. being a full service digital marketing agency we can provide this service exclusively as well. On the other hand if a business is looking at long term sustainability then they must have a strategy and plan which supports this and while google adwords is still suggested to be used as a supplement, it is seo which needs to be focused on.


Mathematically, lets say that a prospective lead for a plastic chair (costing about Rs. 2000/-) has a lead cost of Rs. 25/- each through google adwords. Suppose conversion rate is 2.5% i.e. out of 40 leads one gets actually converted to a sale, then it has cost Rs. 1000/- in lead costs alone to get one sale. This is not including the costs of calls, follow up etc. which is a part of the sales process. This simple example illustrates how it would be unsustainable to rely only on google adwords in the long term. It also illustrates that there is reasonable complexity depending on the type of product or service, the ticket size of the sale, the margin that the company is likely to make, the repeatability of the sale, and so on.

Editsoft Digital Pvt.Ltd. not only helps clients understand the complexity and the Return on Investment, but provides a long term sustainable solution which is managed dynamically. Clients also get a dashboard and a weekly report  on how the company is performing on the relevant parameters. This helps in handling  the vagaries on a  real time basis. Further, clients also get access to a lead management software called Sell3X which has been developed inhouse. This not only tracks the leads and captures the essential steps of the sales process, but also ensures high level of confidentiality and no data leakage.


Call or write to the best digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR, Editsoft Digital Pvt. Ltd., for seo services or any requirement in digital marketing.

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Anushree Bose is an SEO Executive at Editsoft Digital. She is learning Digital Marketing for the past 2 years. She is passionate about SEO and has a special interest in on-page SEO. Her interest lies in content writing and languages. An avid learner who is currently learning the nuances of on-page SEO.

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Anushree Bose

Anushree Bose is an SEO Executive at Editsoft Digital. She is learning Digital Marketing for the past 2 years. She is passionate about SEO and has a special interest in on-page SEO. Her interest lies in content writing and languages. An avid learner who is currently learning the nuances of on-page SEO.

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