Amazon SES Review – Really Awesome or Waste of money ?

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Hello everyone, I know why you have landed here. You are into email marketing or you need to send emails to your email list and you are probably looking out for best email service providers or Amazon SES Review. Well, I will definitely do justice to your purpose of landing to this webpage. If you are looking for One line answer for “If you should use Amazon SES or not ?” – I recommend you to use it 😊 . but…but…but. I have lots of but’s to this review. So, I will suggest you to go through the entire review to know much better details of Amazon AWS.

What is Amazon SES ?

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is the email marketing solution for your bulk and transactional email purposes. You simply have to configure your domain and email with Amazon SES and you can send any number emails to your list with maximum chances of them being hitting their inbox and not in their spam box.

Amazon SES is considered as the best Transactional Email sending service at the best price.

Advantages of using Amazon SES ?

  1. You can send your bulk transactional emails through this solution without worrying about your emails being considered as marketing email.
  2. There are 99% of chances that your email will directly land into inbox and not in spam box until unless your email is really meant for spamming.
  3. Amazon SES is very cost efficient. There is no other alternatives to Amazon SES in terms of quality and cost. It costs only $ 0.0001 per email sent.
  4. It can be easily managed via sendy and you will find it no difficult. This will even enable you to run all your email marketing campaigns without visiting Amazon SES dashboard. Sendy will provide you a custom dashboard on your own domain where you will also get detailed analytics for your email campaigns. You can read a detailed Sendy Review here.Just have a look at below snap to look how results of your email campaigns are when you use Amazon SES with sendy



Disadvantages of using Amazon SES ?

If you talk of me, I seriously can not find any cons of using Amazon SES except for the fact that it is quite tricky to configure it. It may even take your entire day or days if you are a bit non techie and do not understand coding and DNS properly.

The other thing that I do not like about Amazon SES is their dashboard. You can send emails through their dashboard, but it will create a lot of difficulty for you to understand it thoroughly and even after you learn it completely, you can not look for detailed insights of your email marketing campaigns. However this drawback has a workaround which I discussed in my 4th point of advantages. Use Sendy with Amazon SES, and it will work like charm for you.

Configure Amazon SES for sending email ?

well, this part may take some time. But read it carefully, and I am sure you will be able to do it without any problem. Please follow the below step by step procedure –

  1. I hope you are already signedup on amazon AWS. If not, do it and then login to your Amazon SES console.
  2. Now you need to verify the domain and email id through which you want to send the emails. Not that any one of this will also work, but as per my experience, it creates some issues if we miss verifying either of the one. So for hassle free email marketing, just take one time pain of getting both the things verified. Look at the image below. You have to visit “Domains” and “Email Addresses” section one by one to get both the them verified.send-email
  3. Note that to verify the domain, you need to make change in DNS settings and to verify the email address you simply have to go through verification email you got via Amazon to verify your email address.
  4. Now try sending a test mail. If this is successful you are ready to use it as your email marketing software. If it is not successful, you probably need to check your name server details or the email verification stage.
  5. You can now start sending emails to your list. Note that you can send email via Amazon SES in three ways – 1. Using the Console, 2 – using the SMTP, and using API.


Conclusion – See, I have been using Amazon SES for past 1.5 years and my view with Amazon SES is – you must definitely give this a shot ( with Sendy) . This is a wonderful cloud based email marketing software. And to me it serves all the purposes and is really cost efficient. I strongly recommend you to try out Amazon AWS SES. I hope this review was helpful to you and you will be able to take much easier decisions.

If in case you face any problem in configuring Amazon SES or Sendy, do not hesitate to ping me on [email protected] . I will definitely help you.



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Ankit is the Co-founder and CEO of Editsoft Digital. He is into Digital Marketing for past 5 years. His core areas of interests are PPC management, Email Marketing, Effective Landing pages and Search Engine optimisation. Loves helping people.

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Ankit is the Co-founder and CEO of Editsoft Digital. He is into Digital Marketing for past 5 years. His core areas of interests are PPC management, Email Marketing, Effective Landing pages and Search Engine optimisation. Loves helping people.

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